Prolific Id Thief Who Bought Credits Cards From Darknet Arrested In Seattle

credit card thief arrested

Updated September 18th, 2019

A man is accused of faking credit-card information, ID theft, and racking up more than $100,000 worth of charges at local businesses. 

The suspect is 22-year-old Donovan Park — he’s also the suspect behind other cases of fraud in the area. 

The latest case against Park is related to high-end guitars. Prosecutors say Park bought $12,000 worth of guitars from different shops with stolen credit card information, then tried to re-sell some of the guitars he stole. 

“Guy seemed relatively normal, came in looking at guitars,” said Josh Ihler of Kennelly Keys Music.

Park bought a Rickenbacker 360CW Carl Wilson Signature electric guitar worth about $1,800. 

“He had one of those credit cards that can store multiple credit cards, so he had a bunch of stolen credit card info on one single credit card,” Ihler said. 

And Kennelly Keys wasn’t the only guitar shop targeted.  

Prosecutors say Park also hit up Mike & Mike guitar bar, and American Music – buying $12,000 worth of guitars. The case was tied back to Park after he tried to sell the Rickenbacker – which was reported stolen – to Guitar Center.

Ihler says thinking back, there were some red flags

“He didn’t want to use the chip reader on our pin pad, he was very adamant about wanting to swipe and doing it a certain way,” Ihler said.

The court documents say, “In doing the swipe instead of the chip, Park is able to scan the fraudulently inserted stolen
credit card number on his own credit card.”

Prosecutors also accuse Park of racking up $72,000 in charges at different Costco stores, from Lynwood, to Seattle, to Kirkland. 

Documents say Park bought things like laptops, watches worth thousands of dollars, and diamond earrings. 

These aren’t the first cases against Donovan. In April, he was charged with 19 counts of ID theft on the Eastside. 

“He just came in a few times and was driving some kind of luxury car and it seemed like money was no object,” said John Brown of Envision optometry

Detectives say he bought more $8,000 of sunglasses at Porcello Jewelers. 

They say he was buying stolen account numbers on the dark web, paying with bitcoin. 

Seattle Police arrested Park at a boathouse in Eastlake — which he was renting also with fraudulent credit card information. 

The new charges were filed August 28th against Park. 

The King County Jail Roster shows Park bailed out of jail in June for the April charges and is still out. 

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Written by ben shekelberg


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