Easy – Extremely Simple Empire Market 4 Step Phishing Protection Guide

empire market phishing guide

Hello everyone, John Marsh here. Today i am going to share a very easy yet extremely powerful guide to protect you from phishing attacks. As you can see in the comments section at Empire Market’s page that lots of users are complaining about getting phished and losing all their money when trying to access Empire Market. So i thought it is very important to publish this guide as soon possible.

There are many guides over the internet that tries to teach ways to protect you from phishing but they fail miserably. Why? Because they get into too much detail that they lose the point of the article and gets the user confused. My main focus is to keep this guide as short as possible while sticking to the point and showing the user a fool proof way to say good bye to the menace of phishing forever. This is extremely easy guide and is best for newbies. So without further ado lets get started.

There are two types of phishing. I wont be using technical names to keep the article newbie friendly. So there are two types of phishing methods (1) Simple (2) Advance. I’ll explain these methods briefly and then give you a simple 4 step guide to get 100% protection. I promise it’ll be very simple and extremely easy to understand.

What is Simple Phishing: A scammer Sets up a fake login page with same design to give it a real look. When someone tries to login, he is simply given a wrong password message or he is redirected to the real website’s login page. This kind of phishing method is very easy to spot and can be avoided by simply enabling the pgp 2 factor authentication.

What is Advance Phishing Method: A scammer sets up a fake website and uses a Proxy behind the scenes to fetch the real website. The only thing he is controlling is the deposit and withdrawal addresses, rest of the website is real because it is being fetched by the proxy in real time. This kind of phishing attack is very hard to spot and most victims think they have been scammed by the website because everything seems to be legit but in fact it isn’t. Some of the Phishing websites for your enjoyment. Spot the differences and let me know in the comments section below.

  • zw7ybukalkgofe7d.onion
  • 23d6aai45amjurcv.onion
  • luz7mcbbd35dncy2.onion

Empire Market Fool Proof Phishing Protection

  • First things first always use links from a trusted source for example darknetstats. This is the most important step, So don’t forget to follow this.
  • Compare the link inside the captcha with the link in your browser’s address bar. Again extremely important step. If you don’t see the link in captcha or if it’s different from the link in address bar then this is a phishing site.
empire market login page phishing protection
Very important step, Compare the link in captcha with the link in address bar
  • Enable Pgp 2 FA. It gives protection against simple phishing and password hacks. Pgp 2fa is very easy. If you have never used pgp key then simply follow our extremely easy Pgp Tutorial. I promise it’s really simple, you’ll be ready to use pgp within 2 minutes and you will definitely love it. To enable pgp 2fa, simply go to your profile page, add your pgp key and choose enable 2fa authentication from the dropdown menu and click on save changes.
empire market profile page enable pgp 2fa
Empire market profile page enable pgp 2fa
  • Never share your mnemonic and your Pin especially when someone asks for it on the login page, password reset page or using a message pretending to be admin or support staff. You should share your mnemonic and Pin with staff using support ticket system only.
Share your mnemonic with staff (when asked) using support ticket system only
Share your mnemonic with staff (when asked) using support ticket system only

This is it, that’s all you need to do to save your hard earned money going to some low life scammer. If you need some advice, have some confusion understanding or need to share suggestions then feel free to share it in the comments section below. I am always happy to interact with you guys.

Thanks for your love and support,
Stay safe & Be Happy,
John Marsh

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Written by John Marsh


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  1. i don’t see any link in the captcha even though i used trusted link from darknetstats ’empirem****jovhm.onion’ . Does this exist?

    • They have removed this feature because phishers were able to impersonate it. Now the only way to verify the link is by clicking the “Verify” button and verify the pgp signed message using the empire pgp key. I’ll update the guide soon to include this method.
      Have a good day,
      John Marsh (Admin)

  2. 15 hour ago, i tried to log in to Empire, using my bookmarked link address. How ever, this time the address in the capt-ca window DIDN’T MATCH !!!! I REFRESHED IT, AND THIS TIME IT MATCHED FINE ! WHAT’S UP WITH THAT ?

    • Empire and Samsara are working fine. They have been under attack from day 1st but they are good at mitigating these attacks. Personally i think Samsara s solid in terms of availability and their approach to handle ddos attack But in the end both are top markets and should be your first choice to use them.

  3. so all 3 of the links are real i couldn’t see the difference. maybe i didn’t look hard enough. however isnt or hasnt empire been getting compromised or busted/shut down?

    • All 3 of the links are examples of advance phishing sites. They are very hard to spot but thankfully there is a way. Follow the step 2 of my guide and compare the captcha link with the link in the browser’s address bar. If they are different then you are on a phishing site. In the case of these 3 links, they are not even showing link in the captcha image so it shows that they are fake.
      I don’t think Empire market is compromised but they are under constant ddos attack from LE.

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