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Incognito Market Review

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Incognito is an established market that launched during the holiday season in 2020. It features a sleek design and a smooth user flow. The market managed to stay online during the DDoS attacks and maintained an extraordinary record of one single major outage to date.

As far as product selection is concerned, Incognito is one of the more conservative and rule-heavy markets ever to exist on the darknet. For example, they not only completely disallowed the sale of any digital items, such as fraud items or malware, but also banned the sale of narcotic classes related to fentanyl. In addition, the market used to ban the sale of opiate drugs altogether, including oxycodone, heroin, and all others in that class (as opposed to the standard fentanyl-only ban) until a recent rule change.

As mentioned above, Incognito Market is fairly strict in terms of what it allows to be listed, and therefore has a total of seven categories, which are Benzodiazepines, Cannabinoids, Dissociatives, Opiods, Psychedelics, Stimulants, and Miscellaneous. The latter category contains pharmaceuticals and mislabeled products. Though the market is only about a year old, it has managed to attract quite a few well-known vendors within this time, which means it has amassed a decent number of quality listings in all its seven categories.

Both classical market escrow system and direct payments are supported by Incognito, which is considered to be adequate for various choices. Bitcoin(BTC) and Monero(XMR) are both the only two cryptocurrencies accepted on it, like most of the other markets. Experienced vendors who have established a good sales record are offered FE privileges.

The staff takes suggestions from their users seriously, in order to fit their users’ needs, Incognito’s interface has undergone triple major remakes to it’s current simplicity. From my own experience, the moderation team is nice, responsive, and fast to implement updates prior to feature requests or feedback.

Incognito takes one step further with their homemade security system called Anonguard. This piece of tech is what made their site robust with extremely fast load speed and good uptime. It serves as an anti-DDos front, and also an antiphishing countermeasure.

Additionally, Incognito Team also maintains two community projects: Antinalysis (a free public Bitcoin analysis tool) and Sector.City (private email without sponsorship).

Here are some of the things that the market itself has to offer:

  • Friendly Interface and User Experience
    On first look, you’ll find that Incognito Market aims to provide an interface that is aesthetic and as simple as possible, with most of the functionalities appearing only when they are required. The UX is straightforward and easily comprehendable, with no redundant bells and whistles so that you can focus on your shopping without much effort.
  • Vendor History
    Not sure about whether or not to purchase from a vendor? No worries, they got you covered. Recon statistics are crawled periodically, processed and displayed on vendor profiles and listings, making it much easier to choose a vendor to purchase from.
  • Solid Uptime
    Incognito has recorded only one major outtage since launch, this must have something to do with their self-designed framework and secure codebase. They also boast a zero-downtime maintenance system, allowing them to not require taking down the servers for routine tasks. Furthermore, they claim that each of their mirrors is backed by an independent cluster, making the systems fault and crash tolerant up to a certain degree.
  • Antiphishing
    As mentioned above, their security filter Anonguard provides antiphishing countermeasures in addition to the WAF and anti-DDoS functionalities to protect the security of users.
  • Employee Token System
    Vendors can generate tokens for their employees, these token grant partial access to the vendor’s panel, which allows compartmentalization for larger vendors. Cool feature if you ask me.
  • OTR Jabber Bot
    Incognito replaces vendor APIs on some markets with a jabber chat bot secured by OTR. You can easily manage your orders and listings from there. This is a nice touch since most vendors vend at more than one marketplace, and it’s a pain to log into each of them with the captchas everywhere.
  • Withdrawal Crypto Analysis
    For all withdrawals made on Incognito, they provide optional fund risk assessments done by Antinalysis in order to increase the safety of their users.
  • For High Rollers
    If you’re in for a high risk game, they even offer an entire casino section that is separate from the main market. Casino games are designed to be “provably fair” though a mechanism that is easy to verify. Games offered by Incognito include Slots, Blackjack, Sic Bo, and Keno.

In all, Incognito Market seems to be under one of the more conscientious managements of any darknet market. This could help propel their long-term success as it positions them in a place where they can remain under the radar of law enforcement, so long as there are other markets more egregious in their disregard for federal laws. The market remains on the small side but as it is still young, there’s a lot of room for it to grow. It does a good job of providing an interface to connect buyers and sellers, which is about all one could ask for in a darknet market.

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Written by G Raymond

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