Easy – Extremely Simple How to Use I2P (Video Tutorial)

i2p tutorial

Updated January 1st, 2023

Today i am back with a brand new set of tutorials to make you guys life easy. This time i am starting a video series that will teach you how to do stuff easily without needing any technical expertise.

This is the first tutorial in this series. As always i have made this tutorial very simple and easy. By following this tutorial you will be able to install and use I2P in less than 5 minutes.

I2P stands for “Invisible Internet Project”. It is used to protect user’s identity and keep them anonymous just like tor does. Anonymous connections are achieved by encrypting the user’s traffic, and sending it through a volunteer-run network of roughly 55,000 computers distributed around the world.

  • Prerequisite: You must have Tor Browser installed
  • I2P Download Link:

I2P is a must for everyone now because most markets are down due to ddos attacks. Most attacks are using vulnerabilities present in tor itself. That’s why it’s no wonder most markets are looking at I2P as an alternative to tor. Nowadays every market has its own I2P mirror especially alphabay the biggest darknet market and almost all of them are advocating the use of I2P. I don’t need to go into the details because this is not the topic we are covering today. Today is a tutorial day so lets not waste anymore time and get back to business. Here is the easy I2P video guide for you.

This tutorial will work for all versions of windows operating system. If you encounter any errors or i2p doesn’t work for you then post your problems in the comments section below. John Marsh will help you on my behalf.

Thank you
Stay Safe!

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Written by C. Aliens


  1. Thank you so much for the tutorial and support. I confirm that the i2p protocol today works fine.
    However I had to create a new profile in order to access AB because the main account used until few weeks ago seems experiencing problems during the 2FA. It gives me the following message: “ERROR: encrypt failed”. Consequently there is no a pgp message loaded in order to end the 2FA.
    Is there anything I can do to have back my main account and fix this error?

  2. Unfortunately my mac doesnt let me unistall Safari, so L2P is not working for me.
    I hope, i will be able to login over the main link in some days…
    Sometimes it is working, but you really need luck to get that moment…
    Then i can get my private mirrow and will have no more problems in future.

  3. Thank you John for your help.
    Unfortunately i got scammed earlier using an alternative link of alphabay.
    I was so stupid and did not use L2P. From now, i will always use that only.
    The thing is, i send a little amount of XMR to a phising wallet and the coins are away now…. Not so bad, but on my account are a bit more XMR. Is it safe from now, to use my account still or should i better create a new Account with a new PGP?
    Is it right, that the scammer got only my money from the one transaction or does he have now complete control over my account and the coins, which are on?
    Thank you so much for your help.

  4. I got scammed because i send XMR to a phishing wallet on my alphabay account. I was so stupid and used an alternative link i found on tor…..
    The good thing: I only loose a little amount but on my account are still a bit more XMR on. Is it safe, if i use my account more over I2P or should i create better a new one with a new PGP? Is it right, that the scammer only got the XMRs, that i send to false adress or does he have now complete control over my account.
    thx for helping

  5. Have the I2P browser working through Tor however AB i2p link keeps going Website Unreachable : ( ? Any ideas?

    • If you don’t have tor then read the tutorial before watching the video. Tor is a must for this tutorial to work.

  6. Hello,

    hope, someone can help me.
    I downloaded I2P over Tor browser for Mac OS.
    Now, when i start I2P, it always open in Chrome or Safari Browser.
    I want to use it for my Tor browser, to be able to open I2P pages over Tor.
    I use Mac OS. When i try to open the Main I2P page in Tor:, it is not working.
    Maybe someone could help me.

    • There is only one way. If you uninstall Chrome and Safari Browser then it’ll have no choice other than tor browser. Regarding your question about then i want to let you know that this will only work when you open it on i2p. It wont work directly on tor browser.

  7. after installation i lauch i2p but i do not get any browser launching, i even attempted to click start i2p in the icon tray and nothing occured, quite confused

    • Do you have tor browser already installed? You must have tor browser installed then when you click on browse i2p icon on your pc it’ll open the browser. If this does not work then restart your pc. It will start working after the restart

    • No i2p does not work in tails os. There are some workarounds to make it working by tweaking the iptables which is not a good idea because tails heavily rely on iptables for its security. Thats why i dont recommend this

  8. Hi I’ve installed i2p followed the instructions to the T, but when I try opening it it loads
    Tor browser!!!!
    What’s gone wrong?
    Please help!!!!

    • Nothing wrong. It works with tor browser that’s the correct behavior. You can also see that in the video too. Just write your favorite i2p site in the address bar and it’ll open it.

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