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Easy – Extremely Simple Samsara Market 4 Step Phishing Protection Guide

samsara market phishing protection

Hello everyone, John Marsh here. Today i am back again with yet another simple tutorial to share with you. As you know i always keep things simple so that non tech guys can understand everything easily. I must say that i am getting lots of emails with positive feedback, So thank you for the appreciation.

In today’s guide we will be covering Samsara market. Although there aren’t any reports of phishing scams related to Samsara market but still as a good practice i think it is important for you to follow this guide to keep yourself protected all the times. My main focus will be to keep this guide as short as possible while sticking to the point and showing you a fool proof way to say good bye to phishing forever. This is extremely easy guide and is best for newbies. So lets get started.

There are two types of phishing. (1) Simple (2) Advance. I’ll explain these methods briefly and then give you a simple 4 step guide to get 100% protection. I promise it’ll be very simple and extremely easy to understand.

What is Simple Phishing: A scammer Sets up a fake login page with same design to give it a real look. When someone tries to login, he is simply given a wrong password message or he is redirected to the real website’s login page. This kind of phishing method is very easy to spot and can be avoided by simply enabling the pgp 2 factor authentication.

What is Advance Phishing Method: A scammer sets up a fake website and uses a Proxy behind the scenes to fetch the real website. The only thing he is controlling is the deposit and withdrawal addresses, rest of the website is real because it is being fetched by the proxy in real time. This kind of phishing attack is very hard to spot and most victims think they have been scammed by the website because everything seems to be legit but in fact it isn’t.

Samsara Market Fool Proof Phishing Protection

  • The First thing you should do is always get the links from a trusted source for example like darknetstats etc. This is the most important step, So don’t forget to follow this.
  • Compare the link inside the captcha with the link in your browser’s address bar. Again very important step. If you don’t see the link in captcha or if it’s different from the link in address bar then this is a phishing site.
samsara phishing protection compare url
compare both urls and check if they are same
  • Enable Pgp 2 FA. It gives protection against simple phishing and password hacks. Pgp 2fa is very easy. If you have never used pgp key then simply follow our extremely easy Pgp Tutorial. I promise it’s really simple, you’ll be ready to use pgp within 2 minutes and you will definitely love it. To enable pgp 2fa, simply go to your profile page, add your pgp key and choose enable 2fa authentication from the dropdown menu and click on save changes.
Samsara  market profile page enable pgp 2fa
Samsara market profile page enable pgp 2fa
  • Never share your Pin especially when someone asks for it on the login page, password reset page or using a message pretending to be admin or support staff. You should share your Pin with staff using support ticket system only. You can access their support system by adding /support in front of their url.
samsara market Share your pin with staff (when asked) using support ticket system only
Share your pin with staff (when asked) using support ticket system only

This is it, that’s all you need to do to save your hard earned money going to some low life scammer. I don’t think it’ll take more than a minute of your life, So please follow this. If you need some advice, have some confusion understanding or need to share suggestions then feel free to share it in the comments section below. I am always happy to interact with you guys.

Thank you for your love and support,
Stay safe & Be Happy,
John Marsh

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Written by John Marsh


  1. hey there is a site called buy opiods online it is a rippoff site do not send them any money they will ripp u off, i dont know of any way to let people know than to go thru u guys to spread the word , so thanks alot and everybody watch out for these assholes

  2. Hi,
    This is my very first attempt at ever going onto the darknet to purchase anything. I only have an iPhone and iPad, no desktop or laptop computer. So far, it’s been super confusing trying to get a TOR browser and to find a marketplace that is not shut down. So far, I’ve not been able to even see ANY market up and running. Is SamSara the only one left now in Oct 2019? I can’t tell if I’m the problem or if the website is the problem. I just wish i could log on and do business. Frustrating!! Thanks for the limited info. It helps and is better than feeling blind.

    • you have to just get on these sites and try to learn as much as you can but the most important things you must no matter what know is that PGP is essential to the most important thing to save wich is your money. I’ve done the mistake to do as I go trial and error and it has no lie cost me like 1000 usd. the thing about darknet is that it gives ground to all sorts of hacks and security issues, forget cops and getting fake shit, the dsrkweb is your worst enemy and also your only way so if you got one road make sure you arm yourself. if you follow this article you have a bunch of security, me myself I struggle with understanding pgp, I didn’t have to at one point when bitbazaar or empire was around but now I’ve lost so much money on phishing its actually almost put me in the streets. the streets are dry friends are gone and dealers are playing the on demand card. I’m about ready to just get sober and say fuck it man.

  3. i need help my account is been lock and my fund got drain 🙁 now i will be broke for how many months, i just deposit all my money and get drain by low life,,, my fund is gone and my account is lock… almost crying inside

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