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What happened to Icarus Market? Hack or Exit Scam?

icarus market hack or exit scam

Icarus Market has been hacked by a former co-admin according to the owner

Whenever a market exit scams, gets hacked or seized by law enforcement makes me feel very bad. It reminds me the fact that i am not doing enough to protect my readers. In last year alone more than 15 markets exit scammed in which users lost millions of dollars. Here the question arises that Is there a way to protect yourself from losing money? The answer is ‘Yes’ you can. Please read and understand every word of my article because it is very important. Today i’ll share some tips with you that are time proven and will save you from losing money in these scams.

The current state of dark web is really bad. It is passing through a dark period. Back to back exit scams have broken the trust of users in the darknet markets. Market spammer gang is still active and runs more than 5 markets including a new one called ‘Invictus Market’.

Icarus Market Situation Update

Icarus market is down for more than 48 hours now. We did saw some updates from its Head Mod ‘LaRouge’ but not from its real admins. As you all know mods don’t know about the real situation. We have seen in this in multiple cases in the past. They try to do the damage control in public and hope for the admins to comeback.

Almost 2 days ago when the market went down i sent a message to the admin of icarus market to update me of the current situation. I regularly talked with the admin and normally when i messaged him i received a reply with an hour but this time, it was different. I didnt get a reply so i kept messaging him in the hopes of receiving a reply. Today i finally received a short reply in which he told me exactly what happened to the market.

I know what you and everyone else is thinking but its not the case. I wasn’t planning an exit scam atleast for now. Me and my co admin had disagreements on how to run the market and the distribution of funds. So i kicked him out of the project and i believe he is the one that rooted our server, wiped the data, stole all the btc and is in control of our pgp key. Now even if i want to, I can’t do anything except to comeback with a new and more secure market in the future. I sincerely apologise to everyone that lost their funds.

Email reply sent to us by Icarus admin

Note: Keep in mind the email used between us is the same that i used to take the interview of him.

Similarities Between Icarus & Sheep Market Exit Scam

Sheep marketplace was launched in March 2013. It was a less known marketplace but it became popular after the downfall of the original silk road in october when all of its users went to join sheep marketplace. In less than a period of 3 months it announced the closure of the market blaming a vendor hacked the market stealing 5400 btc worth $6 million at that time. Although several users reported that the market blocked all the withdrawals a week prior to the shutdown.

In the case of Icarus we see a very similar pattern. The only difference here is that co-admin steal all the funds and it happened less than a period of 1 month when all of the empire market’s users joined it. It should be noted that all of FE (finalize early) privilages of vendors were revoked 2 weeks before it happened.

What Should You do to Protect Yourself from Losing Money

These simple yet effective tips will save you from losing money big time. Its my responsibility to share best practices with you so that you know how to protect yourself from these scams in future.

  • Always buy from domestic sellers and choose sellers that are experienced & have lots of feedbacks. These big sellers ship even for free after the exit scam because they can take losses and will try to retain its buyers. We have seen this happen multiple times in the past.
  • Always choose fastest mode of transportation especially tracked next day delivery
  • Never ever store your money in the market’s wallet. Deposit coins the same day whenever you plan to make a purchase.
  • Try to make small purchases, if you ever plan to buy bulk then deal with your trusted seller and make a deal to purchase the product in multiple parts.
  • Stay away from the darknet when you see multiple exit scams happening in a short period of time.
  • If you are a regular buyer then vendors offer special deals for off market purchases. You can do this with trusted vendors but caution is advized.


Its clear that Icarus is gone. We think its an exit scam but according to its admin that the market was hacked. I am sorry for all of your losses. My advice to everyone is to Stay away from the darknet for a while. Its not safe at the moment and it is most likely we may see another exit scam in the upcoming weeks/months. Most of the markets are new and cannot be trusted. The best course of action will be to stay away from the scene for a few months and let the markets to become more mature then make your decision to come back and use them.

Authors: John Marsh & C.Aliens

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the owner. Tips and analysis provided within this article are only for informational purposes. The owner is not responsible for any actions of its readers.

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Written by C. Aliens


  1. Does anyone know where I can find Sunny8998 or something like that.He was very trusted vendor on dream and empire market a while back?

  2. Mb420 vendor must have known aboutbthe exit can as he didn’t send my items a week before close so he just let it haooaen and must have been in on it… Mb420 scam Aussie vendor… Won’t reply to me on any sites now he’s hdingbwith my money

  3. Anyone notice that pretty MUX all.the vendors have increased there prices in all.there products by like 100$ or like a good 50% mark up on everything compared to empire…. What’s up.with that I’m not buying anything for the prices theve got ATM..

  4. Anyone know where in UK or EU where I can find pregabalin (Buds) powder or pills sellers???Any markets or ppl on wickr. Any help or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

  5. i literally signed up & dropped $400 into escrow THE DAY BEFORE IT WENT DOWN. it was actually for some oxy for my mom so im pretty frustrated. if anyone knows anyone who can hook me up thatd be awesome. anyways, ive been lurking around a few message boards & the resounding conclusion seems to be to stick to smaller “boutique-ish” markets – the larger a market, the more likely to exit scam. thats kind of difficult for me because the prices r usually higher & i typically feel majority equals most trustworthy, but i guess thats not true.

  6. I ordered from a vendor names Sankhara on DarkMarket. They were listed as a Trusted Vendor but they also told me my item would arrive 1 month after I purchased and it never came.

  7. I got some Problems with Deep Sea now !
    after i cant get Through the whole day, they got new ddos protection chapters, i dont know how i can solve it !
    they got that chapters differnt chess man, geometric figures and stares !
    anybody can tell me how i can solve such a chapter ?
    thanks a lot !

  8. I buy from drugsbunny and heineken, I’ve already been through 3 exit scams with them, Both always sent me even when they lost a lot of money. I think you must buy from a legit vendor. Big vendors that are already big and that also lose a lot with an exit scam You should not expect them tthat they will reship you. Why not? Because they lost a lot of money ( all those money in escrow). But I always FE my orders, so maybe they ship because I FE all my orders.

  9. Fck. i ordered last week at tuesday at “heroinfactory” on icarus the very first time via Web !
    After that, the site was slower, and slower, than goes down, and now exit scamm ..shit
    i got NO luck, the last time !
    Anybody know the vendor “heroinfactory” and has experience with him ?

    • 7 sept. i bought from him, a week later the site was down but i got my product and it was excellent dope. Hope i can find him again. Too bad he never got his money (site went down before i could release the funds) and i lost money as well, what was still in my account.

  10. I ordered from Tom & Jerry and WeAreAmsterdam end of August / beginning of September. The orders were finalized and being delivered. However, I asked the sellers for delivery times (one week after making my purchases) and they both told me to wait at least 1 month. Monday 09/14/20 will be the third week of waiting for me. I still have a little hope, you never know ! If anyone has any information about the sellers, the site, delivery times, or who is expecting the same as me, please write it here. It was my first purchase on the Darknet and probably the last !

    • hi lol same
      TomAnd Jerry told me to wait one month when I messaged him because 2 weeks passed and nothing came.
      So probably he was involved too in this since the similarities of our stories.
      I also lost money on Icarus,the money that I had I mean.
      It’s clearly an exist scam,

      >It was my first purchase on the Darknet and probably the last !

      same bro.

      Fine another delivers.

    • I’m sorry to tell you this but tom and jerry are known scamming cunts! As for weareamsterdam I’m not sure about them as haven’t heard anything but tom and jerry are DEFINITELY known scammers.

      • WeAreAmsterdams name keeps popping up, don’t feel comfortable sharing details but hes manipulative and threatens your OpSec if you try to out him so you wont see many brave enough to share details. Selective scammer at best (he had no refund or reship policy under any circumstance for a start ) Dont hold out

      • Thanks man, was seriously considering putting an order with them as they deliver to AUS and their prices are significantly better than what I can find locally.

      • I can vouche for this.
        Its been 3 weeks and nothing came.
        Tom&Jerry initially said that it should take up to a week to arrive,in Europe.
        that week passed and then I asked him wtf and he told me to wait up to 30 days because pretexts coronavirus and shit.
        He is just a scammer don’t buy from him.
        He has no dignity.
        Thanks for letting me know about weareamsterdam as well.

    • I ordered from Bluemagic. They have their own site and are supposedly reputable. Same thing happened to me. July August timeframe, I ordered a big order and the order was accepted but never upgraded to shipping. The guy told me he was on vacation and couldn’t get the tracking number and it would be there in a week.

      Then nothing. Don’t buy from Bluemagic or any of those vendors. It’s obvious they were all in on it and multiple vendors stopped shipping a month before the exit SCAM.

      Fuck bluemagic and weareamsterdam and all those big vendors scamming their clients.

  11. ‘I wasn’t planning an exit scam atleast for now’

    atleast for now?


    fuck the shit dude.we were going to get exit scammer anyway,either by dumbass admin 1 or scamlord admin 2.
    at the end of the day it doesn’t even matter.
    this website was clearly gone to steal our money.
    This is why they said don’t get scared at the begining, so people who still can go in don’t use the money to buy things.

    such a shame.

    anyone knows a reliable site?

  12. i bought 2 gs off him and still haven’t received anything in the mail and that was on the 2nd. Yeah if anyone knows how to get in contact with XXXUSA it would be appreciated.

  13. No need for LE to step in, they sit back and laugh and watch as the markets tear themselves up and go down in flames. Enjoy Everybody!

  14. Im starting to think XXXUSA was a scam. He had tons of good reviews but it could of been faked. Does anybody know how to reach him? My shit should of been here days ago. Marked “shipped” on Sept 1st

  15. I know him, and he is very reliable. He most likely did send your order, and if it doesn’t arrive soon your package might’ve been lost or intercepted. If anyone knows whether hoffman is selling on a different market, please reply.

    *************Mod please do not delete this message !!! *************

    I have no other way of telling the customer that I sent the packages, regardless of the fact that I lost almost all my money on Icarus and Empire, I do not know if I can rebuild the business … I am now on Versus with such the same as I was at Empire, Icarus (germanylive)

    PROOF my PGP key:

    Version: BCPG v1.63



      • I confirm they are on Versus and on wickr, They sent parcels knowing that they will not get the money back, this is respect for the client … The worst times have come for DARK MARKETS but it’s good that there are VENDORS like ApothekeDE

    • Yes, they are awesome! They always replied to me and I always received package. Next to bluemagic, weareamsterdam are the best.

      • Bluemagic took a 800USD buy from me and did not send anything out, for months just excuses and now I know. Bluemagic must have known an exit scam was coming, that’s why they stopped shipping on big orders.


        • Bluemagic got busted by LE. They didn’t exit scam. There’s a long thread about it on Dread.

          Sorry to hear about you losing money.

  17. I bought from XXXUSA and i still haven’t received my orders. It said it was shipped then i talked to him a couple days and he said it was going to take a few days. Does anyone know anything about this vendor?

  18. Shit if anyone needs legit ven. Go through Trippy on WHM, cleanest trip you’ll ever take, was lucky to get from him before this shit happened

    Hence people please just don’t keep the coin in ya market wallet if you really don’t need to

  19. LOL “hacked” my fucking ass. They exit Scammed once everyone migrated their wallets buyer and vendors included. Is it so hard to just be a reliable person with integrity anymore? 2020 has shown a lot of American’s true colors. FUCK ICARUS AND EMPIRE. Never put more in the wallet than you need to spend and make sure you always check current comments relating to whatever market you are going to be using. OF all the time to scam people it’s dispicable they are during a economic depression and pandemic. That in my book makes them the worst of the worst scumbags.

  20. Does anyone know the vendor H offmancrew, he sells LSD
    I bought him 2 weeks ago when the market was running, you guys think that will arrive or i lost thre money. If anyone can contact him, pls tell me or pass me his email or some way tO communicate. Thx
    fuck icarus shit …

  21. “I wasn’t planning an exit scam atleast for now”
    “…atleast for now”
    So he’s openly admitting he was going to scam us all but his partner beat him to the punch

  22. I lost 25 pounds fuck this shit.
    Also I bought something before it was hacked.
    Do you think that I’ll get it eventually?
    The command was approved and the vendor said that it should come.
    I even messaged him after it didn’t come in the first week and he said that it can take up to a month.

    What are your thoughts guys?

  23. White House Market , Way bigger then Icarus appears more legit pretty sure its been around for longer and has very good security features , I joined last night and was instantly regretting not going there in the first place.
    If only more Australian Vendors would join then it would be perfect

    • Same here, after cracking it with the 5km restrictions in Melb I turned to DNM’s and setup my first account on EMpire. Luckily I didn’t get burned. Setup another account on Icarus & ended up making one succesful purchase just before it went down. Just logged into WHM and it looks like alot of Aussie vendors have just setup – Incorporated, OZconnections, Ozbay, Aussie Babes, etc.

  24. If your not talking bullshit, put a bounty on this guy, give hints to headhunters, pay 10, 20, 50% of the stolen coins. what does this guy think he is dude?

  25. Actually yeah, a lot of these volatile sites are run by very young little asshats. Often in their early 20s and they often have uh… “stability issues”… of the mental sort.

  26. What we need is a decentralized market, like make the market itself a part of the TOR browser, like a market browser and then everyone just has to use PGP to verify anonymous identities. And then it cuts out the “middle man” completely.

    • Please let me know if you find out. The handle I found on another site for him on wickr doesn’t seem legit. It might be too soon for me to say do but if anyone finds another way to get in touch please let me know!

  27. LOL, I just recently decided to test out all this cryptocurrency and darknet bushwa to see what all the hubbub was about and it’s just been one disaster after another!

    First I wound up making an Etoro account and they had this stupid thing where you had to like “invest” your money for a WEEK before you could actually move it into your wallet and the minimum was like $100 and of course BTC wound up crashing immediately after I did it, which wiped out $10 bucks right off the bat.

    Then I create an account on Icarus and finally make a purchase, it goes through, it’s finalized aaaaaand BOOM! Like 12 hours later the site is gone and I assume my order as well.

    It’ll probably be a miracle if I actually get anything as obviously even if the seller did get paid they’re not exactly under any obligation to fulfill orders at this point. My only hope is that maybe the seller shipped it out right away, but I’m thinkin it’s gonna be a total loss.

    Not that I expected much better, I kinda went into this venture/experiment with the mindset that I was probably just pissing money away and sho’nuff, that’s exactly what happened! 😀

    I feel bad though for people who really lost a lot though, that really sucks for them. With any luck the co-admin that was burned has his ex-partner’s dox and can maybe go all M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction) on them, but uh… yeah, I ain’t buyin it. I don’t think there was a disgruntled ex-admin, I think the owner just screwed everybody straight up.

    • Same here bud, been waiting since mid-August, couple weeks passed, messaged vendor and he said he shipped another one out…still nothing and now the market is gone. Pretty sure I was scammed, and that all his reviews were fake bc he was 100% reviewed and trusted before I ordered, then it was just one back review after another. So long $200, but at least I’m not paranoid my package was seized. Goin back to IRL, dark net obviously not for me…shame.

  28. “I had disagreements with my co-founder so I picked a fight with him, unfairly tried to boot him out, and then he got mad and destroyed the whole project. Sorry guys, I did everything right, he’s the dick”

    What in the holy land of fuck? Are these market admins all 10 year old girls?

  29. Did someone notice Heineken, Dutch Drugz, Tom and Jerry using same platform as Asean Market.
    Saw them few years back, only tomandjerry use them recently. So far they are the least issue to me using them for years, wondering why no one have notice them at all? So far the most reliable darknet developer

    The fact is new markets has no background but these guys have, these people still fall for these market spammer gang. Why????

  30. Jeez, I’ve been around since before silk road with Adamflowers. Best market of all was Agora–they noticed a security vulnerability and notified their users they would be going offline on a specific date giving people the chance to withdraw coins. Said they would be back one day, can only hope.

    I made two orders on 8/9 got on early on the 9th and they were marked shipped. Thank God they turned up today, got email addy from one vendor whose product was absolute fire so I consider myself very lucky. Direct Deal with a vendor that you trust is the only way to go now, I dont think the DNMs will be stable until Christmas. Feel so angry and pissed for all the vendors and customers who lost coin in this disgusting e.s….I’d trust Epstien (if alive) in a room full of 14 year olds than I would any DBM right now…

  31. Liked the interface and vendors though. Must be the first website i liked after AB went down. Shame it ended so early!

  32. I don’t believe the admin for shit, it’s too sketchy. We’re going back to the dark times lolol every website is getting exit scammed. It’s so sad nobody can get a team that are fully trusted and that has the same objectives, but we can’t blame anyone that’s just the way it is.

  33. Did anybody deal with XXXUSA? He said he shipped out to me Sept 1st but haven’t got anything. USA-USA. Just wondering if anybody else dealt with him for some coke?

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arrested trial sentenced guilty plea

Teenage Reseller Who Purchased Drugs from Empire Market Gets 71 Months Prison Sentence