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Do not Deposit – Apollon Market is in The Midst Of an Exit Scam

apollon exit scam

Updated February 2nd, 2020

The second largest darknet market is in the midst of an exit scam according to multiple sources that have confirmed the reports to us. Over the past week we received several reports of users deposits not getting added to their accounts and today they locked all vendor accounts which leads to the conclusion that they are now actively scamming users of their funds.

The Background

Apollon Market established somewhere in 2018 is a market that offered drugs as well fraud resources for the darkent users. This is the market that is owned by a group known as “Market Spammers” (you can read about them in our news section). As the biggest news website on the dark web, we were approached by them several times but we refused to add their market to our list. Then they used several senior reddit members requesting us to add their market to our list which we reluctantly did although we regret it now.

Early Signs Of Exit Scam

About five to six days ago we started receiving comments about users not getting their deposits added to their accounts. Although we get hundreds of comments everyday from market admins and their competitors, we reject most of them and only approve those that are legit. The comments about deposits not getting added were real. One user said

Deposited funds to verified mirror address for the wallet and was comfirmed 30 times once I logged back in but the address was completely different and the balance said 0 and that no transaction occurred. F**k all markets. Been scammed from them all. Wallstreet, nightmare, tochka, and now f**king apollon

Today all vendors are locked out of their accounts even the vendors that were in vacation mode had their listings turned active to rake as much money from the users as they can. One vendor said

My inactive vendor listing are going active.
Vendor accounts locked, buyer accounts free.
So they generate money.
This guys, is a classic exit scam.
Please don’t buy there anymore.

Another vendor named Shamanuk said

vendor there aswell got locked out of account don’t buy from US ShamanUK

Connection With Dread

This is the third market that has exit scammed while dread – a Reddit-style forum has been mysteriously offline for like 15 days. We revealed 6 months ago that this market is owned by Hugbunter’s group in this Article. Everytime dread is offline, a market exit scams. It isn’t just a random market that goes offline, its their owned market that exit scams, thats because people can’t report the exit scam in its early stage to avoid getting less than expected returns.

You guys think its a coincidence? We don’t think so. Well today we will be publishing a list of market’s that are owned by them, we have fully checked/verified our claim and we will stand by it. This article and the date it was published on will serve as a proof in the upcoming future that will tell we were true again.

Markets Owned By This Group

As you all know that we are the leaders in investigative journalism related to dark web. In the past we have reported about numerous scams and exit scams with pinpoint correction that’s why leading news websites like coindesk,, and cointelegraph posted our articles. We are also the first and only one that have posted a video proof of darknet links website darkfail phishing its users. Whatever we post, we investigate it first and we stand by it because we know the truth and we believe its our responsibility to share it with our users.

This time is no exception too. We have investigated this group for the last 8 months and we know how they operate? How many markets they own? How many people this group consists of? How they launder their proceeds? But this will be revealed in our next article. Today we will let our users know with 100% confidence and guarantee that following markets are own by them and these will exit scam as soon as they reach to a mid size market level. So here they are

  1. Avaris Market (It is their main market now)
  2. Whitehouse Market
  3. Versus Market
  4. Cannahome & Monoply Market (although these are their side projects but still we needed to share it with you so that you know these are also owned by them)


The conclusion is clear. We will see a powerful shilling in favor of Avaris Market and everyone will be asked to join Avaris (and whitehouse too) on Dread. The accounts that will do the shilling can be easily identified by experts but new users will definitely fall for this trap and will join this market and get scammed again. Our advice will be to stay away at all costs from the markets mentioned above. You can join Bitbazaar Market which is a very safe darknet market, choose the vendors that have good amount of positive reviews to avoid the risk of being getting scammed. Rest is up to you, we told you how to avoid the scams, now its your responsibility to save yourself from these traps.

This is a developing story, we will update this article as soon as we get new reports/proofs.

What do you think?

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Written by C. Aliens


  1. I made an order in apollon too. Was stupid, did not read this before.
    My order want to status:shipped in seconds. But product never arrived.
    Seller did not answer any of my messages. When I disputed, I got an auto-generated mesage from the “admins” saying the typical stuff: whoever does not answer withing 72 hourse loses.
    72 hours passed with no signal of life. I asked the admins for my money. This happened today.
    Still, no sign of life from the admins either. When I read this thread, I start believing that they will never answer.
    What an idiot I was. Stay away from apollon.

  2. Got scammed as well. I was scammed by another market months ago, to i was carefull, two times 80-100 USD, now, after thinking this market is a good one i transfered 300USD, and not everything is lost. I just did not read this article before, seems that this is mandatory.

    Personally, maybe a group of scammed would want to buy in some investigation on a private level, tracing those dogs down and show up in person to get things straight. They should remember their doings for live.

  3. Well okay fair enough, but this is not enough. There’s only really 2 ways to go about it, perhaps 3 but then you become the bad guy.
    1. Turn this son of a bitch and his associates info over to authorities, in every single country, get the attention of the DEA. Getting tired of hearing about “successful” scams, rather than people rotting and taking their own life in their cell after being busted. Let’s get Hugbunter behind bars!
    2. Use this “collection of data” to assassinate these guys. With the sums of money we’re talking about in this business, this wouldn’t be a relatively very difficult operation. Start with the associates, promptly lure them out, torture using levels of a fourth world country to get information out of them, and then slit their throats. Most importantly this must be public. Going to such lengths without the results being made public would be a waste.
    3. Become the bad guy, use a combination technique, blackmail them directly; upon first given opportunity or acquisition of intel, adjust technique; those that can be captured, murder them; those that can be setup with the authorities for arrests, put them away where the sun doesn’t shine. Unlike #2, this must not be public, ideally we’d want these people to disappear without trials, without courts. Let the law kill them

  4. Its been known for a long time the owner of Dread is a BIG scammer!!!! I’ve avoided the place for a year now, before that there was plenty of victims popping up and accusing him of exploiting them etc, blackmail, loads of crap!


  5. for my second order I got scammed , I have make a dispute but the admin have never come ,when I have watch the vendor account I have see a bad comment , and admin have delete

  6. How can it be, that the vendors at apollon still get positive ratings today about orders made 10 days ago?
    I have all my orders open on dispute and the money is still there locked in dispute. Just missing a admin to solve dispute…..

  7. Hugbunter is working FOR law enforcement at this point and is interested in destabilizing the market. Their team is running this game way too hot to not want it that way.

  8. i was about to make an order in this site but I never did because I was searching a better price, since no other site was offering a better price I was about to buy but ironically I saw a vendor in EM selling something and in the title of the product this vendor was warning that apollon were exit scaming

  9. Apollon seems to be working fine, just uploaded problem and made an order..

    lets see if it arrives as made with a very trusted vendor

    22.46 GMT 01.02.2020

    • That’s the problem, the vendors aren’t the one’s who are marking your order as shipped. It’s been days now since any vendor was able to log in so even if they wanted to send your order without them getting their money they can’t access your details.

      I wish I had read this before sending BTC over and making an order on Thursday and Friday, wouldn’t have known if a vendor hadn’t sent me a letter telling me not to order. Was too late for me by then sadly.

      Your money will be gone and you won’t get your order, sorry to break to you.

  10. Good article. Thank you. But 2 issues –
    1. As vendors who lost a lot of money now with Apollon – why you note about this group only now?
    2. We didn’t liked the promotion for Elite. If Elite market not provide free vendor account for trusted vendors, they probably also scammers. Be aware!

    • 1. We exposed this group six months ago in “Nexus of Evil” article, Apollon was mentioned there. You can check it out.

      2. I am sorry to hear that but we don’t own this market, its their decision not to give out free vendor accounts. We can do nothing about this.

      • There is nothing against darknetstats. Actually, darknetstats is the only website I trust to get dark net information. And yes, I checked “Nexus of Evil” article. Really good one. But I am sure, just like me, many missed it… Even after you made the article (around 7 month ago), you made promotion for Apollon as legit market on your “Market list”. I think you could make bigger warrning against them. Anyway, Thank you for being good source!

        • Yes, it would be great if they published a story confirming that Apollon was about to exit scam 7 months ago but they are publishing news. I’m sure it’s more complicated than we think. Just because you have some speculative evidence that would suggest some shady shit on the part of Apollon doesn’t mean they can publish something concluding that they are going to scam. I’d imagine that when you’re publishing news you have to know for sure because the consequences of getting it wrong are significant.

          Also, I don’t think it’s their fault that many of us missed the “Nexus of Evil” article. I would hate being in the news business.

  11. I will grt you and your motherfucking Crew. I will you die slowly and painful. I promise. I WILL FIND YOU!
    PS: You know who I am……

  12. I don’t wish death on many but those who are behind this, I look forward to the point you and your family die in horror for what you’ve done. Can’t keep doing this and not put everyone you love in danger. Hope you get cancer.

  13. I am losing my trust in darknet markets. Every month a market exit scams. I’ll stay away from them markets for some time until the situation improves.

  14. this is bullshit….. I lost 300 in cryptonia and now lost 100 more in this shit. Fuck them i hope karma gets them.

  15. Man, what a fool I am. I thought I was being safe by using What a bunch of fucks. Thanks for the info. Thankfully I only had about 10 bucks left on my account. Feel bad for everyone getting robbed.

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