Police Arrest French Man that had cannabis delivered by the Post Office


Employees of the Post office alerted the police of Lannion (Côtes-d’Armor), this Thursday, April 29, after having spotted a package with a suspicious odor.

The workers at the sorting center were intrigued by the smell of cannabis that emanated from one of the couriers.

The police therefore went there, reports Ouest-France. In order to see who the recipient of this package was, the police decided to go undercover.

The man tried to recover his package under a false identity.

He was arrested by the police, this 40-year-old Rospezien explained that he had bought cannabis on the “dark web”, from a German vendor.

His package contained 3-4 grams of cannabis. But the story does not end there.

After this discovery, the police conducted a search of the man’s home. 40 grams of cannabis and 10 sachets of CBD (a molecule that is part of the cannabinoid family) were found there.

Added to this is a fake piece of identity that the suspect claims to have obtained, again on the “dark web”.

Unknown to the police, the man was released.

He was sentenced to a penal order, taken by the judge, outside a public hearing.

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