Police in Germany Arrest Man Involved in Ordering 3 Kilos of Drugs from Dark Web


A 35-year-old Rostock resident was arrested on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 on suspicion of dealing in narcotics in large quantities.

On the advice of the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Rostock public prosecutor’s office started investigations against a Rostock man who is said to have ordered narcotics via the Darknet.

In this context, the Rostock Criminal Police Inspection was able to confiscate a shipment of one kilogram of amphetamines last week before it – according to the investigations so far – was supposed to be delivered to the accused.

During the subsequent search measures by the Rostock Criminal Police Inspection in cooperation with the LKA Hamburg, computer technology, telephones and medication, among other things, were seized in Rostock and Hamburg on May 5, 2021.

At the same time, an arrest warrant that the Rostock public prosecutor had obtained from the Rostock district court against the young man could be executed.

The suspect is now in the Waldeck prison. The Rostock resident, who has not appeared under criminal court so far, has since denied of having received deliveries with a total of over 3kg of amphetamines in at least three other cases.

In the event of a conviction, the accused can expect long prison sentence. Until then he is presumed of innocent.

The Rostock public prosecutor’s office is responsible for further press inquiries.

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