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Man Caught Using Cc Purchased From The Dark Web to Buy $2k Worth Of Electronics From a PA BestBuy Store

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An alert employee at the Best Buy in Greensburg helped police catch a wanted man accused of identity theft, police said Thursday.

Vaughn Lawhorn, 46, was arrested after police said he tried to use a stolen identity on two separate occasions to buy electronics from the store.

Police said Lawhorn admitted to getting the victim’s information off of the dark web.

“For less than $100, that information can come on a Pennsylvania driver’s license,” Penn Township Police Chief John Otto said.

Police said Lawhorn had that license with the victim’s information and Lawhorn’s picture and they said the fake was difficult to spot.

“These driver’s licenses would fool you and I and most people with the basic knowledge to detect fraudulent driver’s licenses,” Otto said.

Otto said the victim attempted to use that license as a way to access the victim’s Best Buy credit card. A manager at the store noticed some inconsistencies in Lawhorn’s information and canceled the purchase.

“The victim in this case was very smart with his information. He’s not foolish, and he’s not somebody that puts his information out there all the time,” Otto said. “It’s very easy for anybody to collect most people’s identities, so you have to come up with a way to protect yours as best as you can.”

Lawhorn was arraigned Wednesday evening and denied bail. Police said he is wanted on similar charges in multiple states, including California and Maryland.

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Written by C.F Frost

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