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Caught Red Handed – Dark.Fail Spreading Phishing Links, With Undeniable Full Video Proof spreading phishing links

Updated November 11th, 2019

Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and Pin details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity.

These days phishing attacks are becoming more widespread. One of the primary reasons is because of easy access to cyber crime kits more and more people are entering in this phishing game.

Dark web used to be a place for experienced tech savvy criminals But now as the dark web has gone main stream due to the coverage by mainstream media, lots and lots of regular buyers are joining the dark web markets. This trend has made clever scammers to focus on these non experienced dark web users targeting them with phishing attacks using fake market clones. This method has become very successful and made these scammers millions of dollars without doing any hard work.

To deter the menace of phishing, Dark web markets tried different methods but it has very small effect to stop these attacks. More and more people are becoming the target of these scams and they don’t seem to be slowing down.

Coming to the Point, for weeks we have been getting lots of emails about an ongoing phishing scam targeting users of Empire Market. We were also seeing lots of comments on our empire market’s page about users getting phished and losing thousands of dollars.

The Investigation

The situation was very bad. Users were complaining that we should remove Empire Market from our site. We knew that the market wasn’t involved because it didn’t make any sense because when you are already earning so much money from your business then you don’t need these kind of cheap tactics to make some extra bucks on the side.

Anyway something needed to be done. John Marsh sent me an email and requested me to do some research about the situation so that we can come up with some sort of defense against it or atleast advise our users about it.

So i carefully analyzed all the emails and comments, did some research on other forums as well and came to the conclusion that all of the users that claimed they got phished had one thing in common which was they all got their links from

The target was set. I knew when so many users were saying that they got their links from dark fail then there must be something wrong with this site.

The task wasn’t easy but i knew i had to do it no matter what happens. I sat down in front of my pc, open tor browser and started refreshing darkfail website. As soon as i saw a new link i opened it in my tor browser to see if it was legit or a phishing url. Six hours passed by and i got nothing, 7 hours, 8 hours, 9, 10, 11 hours passed by and nothing showed. I was starting to get disappointed.

After the 12th hour, i was tired and about to end my work shift, i got my first breakthrough.

The Proof

After a 12 hour long wait i got what i wanted, it was time to get the proof before these links disappear again. I quickly took screenshots of the phishing links and their phishing pages. But i knew only screenshot proof will be useless unless there was some undeniable way of recording this scam.

Without wasting a moment i knew what i had to do. I grabbed my camera and started recording all this in a single shot. I know scammers are well talkers and will deny all this by saying that these screenshots are fake etc etc. I wanted to make sure there is no way and no chance for them to deny what they are doing and to prove the general public that they should stay miles away from these scammers. Note the link in red circle Note the link in red circle

Note the link in the red circle. Now we will open this link in our browser to see where it takes us.

it took us to empire market's main page where its not showing link inside captcha image
empire market’s main page not showing link inside captcha image

It took us to empire market’s main page where its not showing link inside captcha image. Now we will go to empire’s registration page.

No link shows up inside captcha image

Again no link shows up inside captcha image. Now we will go to a real phishing website that is spreading phishing links of various markets. Its called It is ranked just under real on google. has the same link shown on has the same link shown on has the same link shown on Compare the above screenshot with the first one and you’ll it.

Ok, enough of the screenshots already. Now its time to show the real thing. The undeniable proof that everyone needs to see and share. Below is the video proof for everyone to see how this scam site is spreading phishing links and eating up users legit hard earned funds without any remorse whatsoever.


The conclusion is pretty clear that is spreading phishing links and making through it. But one question remains unclear, which is the relationship between and

There can be three scenarios

  1. gets commission for posting these links
  2. has a percentage based partnership with
  3. owns

What do you think about this? Tell us about it in the comments section below. We leave this question for you. Whatever it is, it is clear as day that is making off these phishing links and now they are Caught Red Handed.

We have done our part. Now its your responsibility to share this article as many times as you can. We need to weed out these shady characters out of the darknet scene to have a safe and secure environment.

Stay safe and Be happy
Senior Writer & Investigative Journalist
@ Darknetstats

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Written by C. Aliens


  1. I got phished on torrez with link from website. Fuuck. Site was fully functional but they provide with fake payment address. Baaastards

  2. Just got phished thinking I was in TorreZ. Fuuuck.
    I used the link from WTF

  3. It happend to me to !! Im on onions sonse the OG SR and never been scammed never. yESTERDAY LIKE I DO EVERY WEEK I DEPOSIT ON eMPIRE FOR “(àEURO;;;;iT WAS GONE IN 2 sec !!!! This adress stole it 1F8sG9Y1K2uwKiy7yrGKjFfgNXqD7RNK3m Dirty fucks !!!!!!

  4. Got phished last week cos of (empire market) for £200. Lost my level 3 buyer account too, Gutted. No one can be trusted on dark web can they ??… probs just gunna leave it alone now.

  5. i have been trying to find the right link now for over a week. i a
    have lost money multiple times now due to phising links can anyone help me

  6. Surely someone out there can leverage the same vuln in tor that’s making the markets vuln to months long ddos, and apply it to This is something that’s actually doable, rather than speculate and get screwed out of money. There’s enough evidence to support the indefinite and unrelentless ddosing of

  7. i have been with E.M for a/most 7 month, it is true that costumer service does suck, but i bee doing pretty good w them.and see around you all links are down the oly market is up is Empire Market

    • Nope…I use it all the right way. I am on the onions since OG Silkroad 2011 and never been scammed exepted bc of an exit scam (sheep market) Yesterday deposited for 350 euro and in 2 seconds BAM…it was withdrawn!!! I buy on onions weekly my products but this is the 1st time i have this happend to me. after reading this article i thnk it’s maybe an iside job?? I don’t know but now i going to use a certain new market without the normal systems of a market. It should be only running by sellers between byers (and well known trusted vendors) Also i have to look and ask around for the name and get more info but i have heard very good things if such a market works and those certain terms. Yes there will be always scammers and servers that can go down but this must at least be much more safer. Still have to ask around about such a market and if it’s already up. Also curious if Empire admins will respond to me today or tomorrow SMH; tHE DAYS OF THE og SILK ROAD I MISS GUYS BECAUSE I WAS ON THERE BEFORE ANY MEDIA ATTENTION AND THE COMMUNITY WAS SUCH GOOD AND TRUSTED BACK THEN. THIS ADRESS STOLE MY COINS : 1F8sG9Y1K2uwKiy7yrGKjFfgNXqD7RNK3m

  8. You right they are giving out phishing sites I tested it out the link I got from don’t match the current mirrors

  9. 15 hour ago, i tried to log in to Empire, using my bookmarked link address. How ever, this time the address in the captca window DIDN’T MATCH !!!! I REFRESHED IT, AND THIS TIME IT MATCHED FINE ! WHAT’S UP WITH THAT ???

  10. I opened it in Google, that way it worked. I downloaded it too, just in case….

    Now, what do I think ? 3th option ! NM = = = Dread = Empire !!!!
    That’s my take on it, I don’t think Im all that wrong eider…!!!

    Been on Empire for 2 days now, I invested 100$ or so, made 3 separate purchases with 3 different vendors on Friday morning. No one responded to my buys nor to the PM’s I sent to those vendors additionally… Then, on Saturday afternoon all the sudden, all 3 purchases got accepted within 30 min window, yet no PM from any of them, even tho they all claim on their profile , to answer in 24 h time, no matter what.

    Now, isn’t that Weird ? Could that be a coincidence, or is there something else going on ? Anyone ?

    And since I had like 20$ left, I did a withdraw, to see if works..? The withdraw came out just fine tho… Perhaps it was too small, who knows ?

    Is this normal for Empire ? Or is the Empire going NM these days ????

  11. Too many onion links nowadays are a scam. I have lost btc worth over 3800usd trying to get a legit market to work with.

  12. They don’t just phish the empire link– I got fucked by a phishing link on for tochka. Site was fully functional; the only difference was that the bitcoin addresses for payment had been swapped. Fuck It’ll be months before word of this gets around, if ever.

  13. is the same as .org and the reason they do this phishing is because they work with empire and they get more money exit scamming slowly than if they exited one time

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