Wall St Market Admin “Coder420” Gets Away with Only 5 Years Prison Sentence

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The main culprit behind Wall St market that exit scammed a few years ago gets 5 years and 3 months jail sentence by german court on friday.

The trial before the Frankfurt / Main Regional Court made it clear how crime can takes place today: The three men who had to answer for their large-scale drug trafficking, they saw one another for the first time face to face in the court room, all other agreements and actions took place in the Darknet, that legendary part of the Internet that can only be controlled to a limited extent. And the drugs that changed hands, including 75 kg of cocaine, 11 kg of heroin and over 2.4 tons of cannabis products, never came anywhere near the three men. They just provided the platform, a kind of Ebay or Amazon for illegal products, on which the illegal deals then took place. When the market seized in April 2019, there were over 63,000 sales offers, over 1,150,000 customer accounts and over 6,200 vendors registered.

The carelessness of one of the three men, who also used an identifier outside of the Darknet and thus opened the door for the investigators – the American FBI was also involved. The trial against the trio, which now includes a 24-year-old man from Kleve, has been running before the regional court in Frankfurt since April. The judgments were made yesterday. Klever, who was doing an apprenticeship in a software company at the time of the deeds, was sent behind bars for 5 years and 3 months. As “Coder420” he had programmed the platform on which the business took place. The number 420 is a street code for the consumption of cannabis.

Klever was still sentenced under juvenile law, the sentences for his two accomplices were one or two years higher. Klaus-Martin F. (31) and Jonathan K. (33) were responsible for the organizational handling of the Wall Street Market business. In the almost three years from 2016 in which the platform was operated, the equivalent of around 36 million euros in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Monero) flowed through the “Wall Street Market”, administered by the defendants as trustees in so-called “Wallets”. When things got too hot for Jonathan K. and he got out, the other two apparently planned to collect the customer money by doing (“Exit Scam”). They transferred EUR 8.6 million from customer accounts to their own.

One of the accused, the family man F., made a remorseful confession in court. At the age of 15, he was already hanging around on the relevant forums, and then, inspired by the urge to do better, the Wall Street Market was launched. “As the number of users increased, we noticed that stress was ruining us.” The downside of the business was ignored. In the process he said: “I would never do that again, it’s not worth it, in any way, not for my life, not for the money. I am sorry.”

Just reading the charges at the trial had taken three and a half hours. The question, to which the court answered yes, was whether the defendants could actually be convicted of drug trafficking. As became clear in the process, they only acted as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, but received a commission of between two and six percent of the purchase price.

However, the legislature has now recognized the loophole. In February, the federal government presented a draft on the criminality of operating criminal trading platforms on the Internet and the provision of corresponding server infrastructures. Accordingly, people who operate such a platform commercially or in a gang face a prison sentence of between six months and ten years. If the operator knows that crimes are made possible or promoted there, the range of punishment is between one and ten years.

On one side we have Ross Ulbricht that is serving life in prison without parole, Alexandre Cazes killed himself in prison due to unfair trial by U.S government and on other side exit scammer gets away with only 5 years prison sentence. The world is unfair…..

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Written by C. Aliens


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