Spanish Police Dismantle Darknet Based Network that Distributed Marijuana from Tenerife through Postal Packages

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Agents of the Customs Surveillance Operational Unit of the Customs and IIEE Unit and members of the Civil Guard belonging to the Financial section with the collaboration of the security service of the Automated Post Treatment Center have dismantled a network that distributed marijuana from Tenerife to the Peninsula and other European cities through postal packages.

As a result of the tasks of locating and controlling illegal shipments carried out at the facilities of the Taco center, at the end of September 2019 the massive shipment of postal packages with peninsular destinations and various European countries were detected within which they found marijuana buds, as well as substances derived from ‘Cannabis Sativa’.

The investigations carried out have resulted in the dismantling of a group of German citizens living on the island of Tenerife who were dedicated to the sale of all kinds of substances derived from marijuana, various material for the preparation of the shipment of these substances as presses and vacuum packing machines, as well as a large farm with ‘indoor’ plantations.

Likewise, gold and silver coins and bars have been seized, in addition to various documentation related to online sales on the ‘dark web’ in which the payment of substances had to be made exclusively through bitcoins.

Over the last year, more than 1,100 packets that the group sent from Santa Cruz de Tenerife have been seized.

Four arrests have been made of the subsequent proceedings.

The preliminary proceedings are being processed by the Court of First Instance of Instruction Number 3 of Granadilla de Abona.

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Written by Kofi Anash

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