Spanish Man Arrested for Reselling Drugs Purchased from Dark Web

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The Civil Guard of the Oviedo Command has detained a 24-year-old young man, a nurse at the Carmen y Severo Ochoa Hospital in Cangas del Narcea, and investigated another man, 22, for drug trafficking . The detainee was in turn selling narcotic substances (MDMA, cocaine and marijuana) that he acquired through the Dark web (hidden internet sites ) and split in grams for sale.

The Civil Guard began an operation in December after the death of a man, a health worker at the Carmen y Severo Ochoa Hospital, in an apartment in the town of Cangas de Narcea in which the forensic doctor ruled death by overdose.

As reported by the Armed Institute, the inspection found a large number of drugs whose sale requires medical prescription, in addition to other drugs such as heroin, for which they initiated an investigation to explain the presence of that amount of drugs and other substances at his home.

During the investigation, the agents went to the home of a young resident of Cangas de Narcea, a worker at the Carmen y Severo Ochoa Hospital, who had lived with the deceased. In the registry, multiple drugs and psychotropic and narcotic drugs were seized, as well as ecstasy pills , crystal (MDMA), marijuana and paraphernalia.

Next, the agents, accompanied by the Judicial Secretary of the Court of Instruction No1, proceeded to make another search at the office that this worker had at the Carmen y Severo Ochoa Hospital in Cangas de Narcea.

As a result of the investigations, the Civil Guard determined that the drugs had previously been stolen from the aforementioned Hospital, also verifying the existence of continued theft at said hospital.

The Agents have been able to verify that the detainee stole various types of drugs, mostly narcotics to later exchange them as a barter for another type of drug or distribute them to third parties who sold them to the final consumer.

The Civil Guard also accuses another 22-year-old resident of Cangas de Narcea as a non-detained person, a crime against Public health in the form of drug trafficking, as they can verify during the course of the investigation his collaboration with the main detainee in the distribution of narcotics.

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Written by L Walker

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