Multi Country Law Enforcement Operation Busts International Arms Dealers in Denmark

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American, Danish and Swedish police have cooperated in the case of an attemptted purchase of 83 firearms.

A major international investigation has led to two men accused of buying a total of 83 firearms and associated ammunition.

Three others, a woman and two men, are alleged to have attempted to receive some of the many weapons. Only at a place in Woodstock and later in the rastepladsen Owner Bavnehøj inthe West Denmark.

The Agreement of the purchase took place partly on the “Dark Web”, the so-called dark net, which is a underground part of the internet mainly used by criminals. And partly via the secure message service “Signal”.

The Case was investigated by the officers of the Department of Homeland Security. In Denmark, the specialenheden West has been responsible for the investigation, and also the Swedish police have been involved too, according to a press release issued by east Jutland Police on Friday.

In the investigation of the case, the police used undercover agents. Those agents performed the role of sellers, according to the indictment.

Among the defendants is a Swedish citizen and a Romanian citizen, and three Serbian nationals, who all have ties to Sweden, informs the prosecutor Signe Gråkjær. They range in the age from 33 to 39 years.

It is one of the biggest cases of arms purchases on the internet in Denmark, and seems to be a very organized, international network of criminals who have attempted to obtain numerous and dangerous weapons to the criminal environments, says Signe Gråkjær in the press release.

The deal was split into two parts.

In the first part of the deal, 20 firearms were agreed at a price of 30,000 dollars, which was to be deposited in bitcoins.

One of the now defendants now in jail wanted the weapons in a postal package but undercover agents, however, discreetly made sure that this would not work and made him meet them at a secret place for the delivery of weapons. Immediately after the meetup, in July last year, that person was arrested.

In november, there was – according to the prosecution – a new agreement in place. Now on the purchase of the 63 weapons. The inital shipment of 25 weapons was to be delivered on highway rest area near Bavnehøj to the West.

On that day, two police officers in a van played the role of sellers. They showed a fully automatic weapon to one of the defendants, who had 25.500 euro in a vacuum bag. As soon as he took the gloves to give the money to the agents, both of them were arrested.

All five accused plead not guilty, according to the prosecutor Signe Gråkjær. The court in Horsens, denmark will hear the case in november this year.

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Written by Kofi Anash

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