Dark Web Dealers Offering Special Discount “Quarantine Deals”

Quarantine deals

When China placed a series of cities under lockdown in January to blunt the spread of COVID-19, experts warned that other countries may not be able to implement the same policies. But over the past few weeks, cities, states, and countries around the world have similarly restricted people’s movement in order to stop the virus’s spread.

Some people, who’ve been exposed to the virus, have to stay away from others for two weeks in a formal quarantine. Other communities are full of people who don’t have documented exposure to the virus, but have still been told to stay at home to help slow the pandemic.

The key message that came through is that if you do quarantine or isolate yourself, it will be distressing, it can have some long-lasting psychological impacts. There’s evidence of depression and symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.

It is natural that in order to reduce depression and bad psychological effects people will increase the use of drugs. There will be increase in the demand of drugs and the darknet dealers are aware of it. Just like every special occasion mainstream brands like mcdonalds, kfc etc roll out special deals to celebrate the event. Same goes for the dark web dealers and this time it is related to “Covid-19 Special discount quarantine deals”.

A dark web cocaine dealer name ActiveJ is the one of the many vendors that is offering the special deals. In his post on an underground forum, he says


We are still boasting near 100% positive feedback and our product speaks for itself alongside are superb customer service :).

Special QUARANTINE deals for all, whether you’re self isolating or still out and about ALL our orders aside from samples (0.2G) will drop MUCH heavier than whatever you order to keep you going during these stressful times.

PM ME on WICKR to discuss if Empire is down: theactivej
Secmail: [email protected]

70 per G
8Ball down for 200 during this period
Get your order in before lockdown!

Deals like above and many more are being offered by dealers across different markets. Special events like this increase the overall competition among the drug dealers which in turn bring down the prices of drugs significantly.

The drugs prices may be cheaper now but please use them with care. Don’t use too much, misuse of drugs brings with it a bevy of adverse health complications. Use it for recreational purposes but please don’t abuse it.

Note: It is normal to have worrying thoughts when you are self isolating or in an area of lock down (nyc etc) . If such thoughts take up a lot of space, you can try to control them better. Distraction brings down the turmoil. Watch movies or series on tablets or TV, play video games, do crosswords, Sudoko etc., or use Facetime / Skype to talk to others without letting the coronavirus be the main topic of your life.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & Stay Away From Covid-19.

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