Korean Police Arrest Four Men For Growing & Selling Large Amounts of Cannabis Using the Dark Web

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The Southern Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency arrested and assisted the crime by arresting two men of A(42) and B(43) (names not disclosed) on charges of cultivating and selling large amounts of cannabis for a long time (violation of the Narcotics Control Act) after renting 4 apartments to install hemp cultivation facilities.

It was announced yesterday, after the third person Mr. A’s elder brother (44) (name not disclosed) was arrested who named the other two involved in the operation after being questioned by the investigators.

A and others are accused of cultivating and selling cannabis worth 650 million korean won after renting 4 apartments in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province from 2017 to April of this year, installing hemp cultivation facilities.

The police found that they had been selling cultivated cannabis after searching for buyers through the so-called “Dark Web,” which is difficult to track because that can access only by using a special browser and their anonymity is guaranteed.

The police confiscated 7kg of cannabis, 1.6ℓ of liquid hemp, and 10.7 million korean won in cash and also seized about 180 million won worth of bitcoin found in an apartment rented by Mr. A.

In addition, 43 people who had bought and inhaled cannabis from them were arrested and sent to the prison.

C(23) (name not disclosed), together with six friends and relatives, was recently arrested on charges of manufacturing and selling 2 liters of liquid hemp at his home in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do and Gwanak-gu, Seoul, and seized about 150 million won.

It was found that liquid hemp manufactured by C and others was distributed through the Dark Web, and 48 people were charged with purchasing liquid hemp from C and others and sent to the prosecution.

The South Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency determined that the distribution of drugs through the dark web is at a serious level, and has formed a dedicated dark web drug investigation team consisting of five members of the existing drug investigation team and has been running for a month now.

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Written by Kofi Anash

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