Dutch Brothers Behind ‘Online Drug Store’ Released from Prison, Investigation Taking too Long

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Breda \ Tilburg – Two brothers from Tilburg allegedly ordered a 24-year-old Tilburger to sell drugs via the internet. That explains the latter, turned out to him during the lawsuit. The two brothers will be released, because there is no prospect of a substantive hearing of the case yet. First, messages must be investigated in the encrypted phones of the brothers.

He was already told that he was a reshipper. He would have rented the apartment on Ketelhavenplein under the coercion of the two brothers. They would then have pulled the strings. The two brothers are now in prison, but that is in connection with another investigation. According to lawyer Justus Reisinger from the man who rented the home, they have not yet been officially regarded as co-suspects.

The police raided the apartment on November 26 last year. Agents found 44 kilos of hard drugs and also saw that there packages of drugs ready for shipping. According to it, the property was used as a base for a online drug store on the Dark Web.

According to the prosecution, this store had been in existence for almost a year. Two 24-year-old men were arrested. The other stated that he had seen that drugs were being sold, but that he did not know it was so much.

The two brothers will be released, however, the court decided Monday. The men were already nine months in jail. The investigation has been going on for so long and there is no prospect of a substantive hearing. It will take too long,” said the court. The men are obliged to cooperate with the interrogations and must necessarily attend the substantive hearing, the court stated as a condition.

The investigation that still has to be done mainly concentrates on the messages found in their encrypted phones. According to the public prosecutor that should be finished by the end of this month and after that the suspects will be interrogated again. The lawyers of the two have already said that more investigation is probably needed.

When the case will continue is not yet known.

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