Aussie Teen Busted After Trying to Collect MDMA Package Purchased From The Dark Web


A DARWIN teenager is facing court on a string of drug charges following a joint investigation into a nationwide criminal network allegedly using the dark web to traffic illicit drugs.

Aaron Plant, 19, was due to appear in the Darwin Local Court yesterday but will spend the weekend in custody after his lawyer was unable to contact him following rioting at Holtze Prison overnight.

Police alleges that Plant had arrived at an address in Darwin to collect a parcel of 230g of MDMA when he was arrested by them Tuesday.

Investigators then raided his Wagaman home where they allegedly seized a variety of dangerous drugs and more than $10,000 in suspected proceeds of crime.

Police alleges the drugs were paid for using digital currency via the dark web.

The investigation is ongoing as the police is trying to connect this arrest to a nationwide criminal network that is involved in the supply of drugs to various parts of the country using mail courier companies.

This is the third arrest of such kind this week in which police have arrested suspects involved in the trade of drugs via mail couriers.

The suspect ‘Aaron Plant’ will be presented in Darwin local court on Monday, according to a press release.

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