Towards a Return to France – ‘Oxymonster’ Dream Market Co-Admin Wants to Spend his Sentence in France

sentenced to jail

Gal Vallerius aka Oxymonster was sentenced in the United States for selling drugs on the darknet, has now asked to serve the rest of his sentence in France.

The dark web’s most famous bearded man, Gal Vallerius, is preparing his return to France. Detained in Miami, United States, the transfer of french man, described in the press as a darknet drug lord, could take place soon, almost four years to the day after his incredible arrest in Atlanta on August 31, 2017 when he went to the world championships of beard and mustache, his passion, in Austin.

According to American court documents, Gal Vallerius has indeed asked to serve the rest of his sentence in France. He gave his consent to this transfer a week ago, which should not pose any difficulties.

The 30-year-old was sentenced to 20 years in prison in October 2018 for selling drugs and for money laundering, following an investigation by the American DEA. The young man had then pleaded guilty to these two offenses.

Gal Vallerius, also a holder of Israeli and British nationality, was actually leading a secret double life on the Net. He was active on Dream market, one of those illegal dark web markets where you can find drugs or weapons, a site that finally ceased operations in the spring of 2019. He played the key role of co-admin.

The geek, under the pseudonym OxyMonster, offered in particular oxycontin, a very powerful opioid drug diverted from its use in North America where it became a problem of public health. He was also very involved in the management of this illegal site. As such, his imminent arrival in France should be of interest to French forensic investigators, given his in-depth knowledge of the darknet.

A return to France visibly prepared for a few weeks. Gal Vallerius thus communicated a postal address, that of relatives living in Finistère, for all correspondence with the American judicial authorities. And in early July, he also requested a copy of the hard drive of his laptop computer seized during his arrest.

Admittedly, the french man had made a deal to forfeit, at the time of his conviction, on his equipment which contained significant assets in cryptocurrency valued then at 500,000 dollars (approximately 420,000 euros) for 100 bitcoins and 122 bitcoins cash. But, he explained in a letter to the American justice, there are in this computer “personal photos, videos as well as documents, which are not at all related to my case and which have not only a sentimental value but cannot be replaced”.

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Written by Kofi Anash

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