Germany’s Biggest Darknet Market “Fraudster’s” Admin ‘Ebola’ Indicted in Court


On those servers, everything illegal was traded. Drugs, weapons, fake IDs, stolen credit cards… It was the heart of Darknet in Germany. The admin of the servers is now on trial – and doesn’t look like a dark lord in the light, more like a scared boy.

On July 9th, Internet investigators from Rhineland-Palatinate seized Germany’s largest underground platform “Fraudsters” operating on the Darknet. Its alleged administrator André P. (nickname “Ebola”) has been presented before the regional court.

“Fraudsters” had more than 30,000 members and first came to the attention of investigators in 2017 – that’s when they found out what was illegal or stolen. Almost 1700 individual offenses have been investigated since 2016 including trafficking in false identity documents, counterfeit money, drugs for sale up to the kilogram range, medicines etc.

In addition, stolen data from accounts, credit cards, Amazon and Paypal accounts as well as goods from Internet scams.

Payment was made in Bitcoins, by escrow service if requested.

Together with the sales commissions and advertising, André P. aka “Ebola” and accomplices are said to have made real money. The accused is charged with involvement in 110 cases, including possession of drugs and weapons (three pistols).

The defendant remained silent, a further seven trial days are scheduled for the main trial by March.

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Written by C. Aliens

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