French Police Arrest Man Accused of Selling Drugs on Darknet

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In his thirties, a computer science graduate was facing trial on Friday in Montpellier. This Hérault resident was arrested for drug trafficking using sophisticated means of encryption and payment to supply his customers.

Arrested Wednesday and tried the following Friday, the alleged trafficker is suspected of having set up a lucrative Internet drug trade, by getting paid in cryptocurrency. Midi Libre reports the charges against this 30-year-old living in La Grande-Motte (Hérault).

The suspect was targeted by a special investigation carried out by a gendarmerie brigade.

During the arrest, 3.3 kg of herbal cannabis were found by investigators. The respondent presents himself as a businessman on the Internet, who would have started this activity to settle a debt, write our colleagues.

For his alleged trafficking, he went through the darknet, a version of the Internet inaccessible to the uninitiated.

He was been paid in Bitcoin and Monero, virtual currencies, according to the regional daily.

The gendarmes suspect this “former deserter from the army” of having sold narcotics to customers located all over France.

He is said to have made a profit of at least € 20,000 in criminal assets, seized by investigators.

Kept in pre-trial detention, the defendant was granted three weeks to prepare for a new trial.

He was already on a three-month suspended sentence, linked to his desertion from the army.

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Written by Kofi Anash

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