French Man Given 100 days Jail term For Purchasing Counterfeit Notes & Cannabis Via Darknet

arrested jailed

He bought fake notes on the Darknet

While dealing in counterfeit notes but he also did cannabis trafficking, the aptly named Mr Marie-Jeanne, a first-time offender, did not choose the right career path. Yesterday, he was sentenced by the criminal court of St-Pierre (french overseas territory).

The package containing 25 50-euro banknotes was discovered during a goods check at the St-Denis customs clearance center in January 2019 which triggered legal proceedings.

The package was repackaged and its distribution was monitored that lead the investigators to the home of the Tamponnais raided on June 14.

Mr Marie-Jeanne admitted that he had the idea to make real money after having counterfeit notes in hand.

The order of the counterfeit banknotes in the amount of 150 euros as well as 50g of cannabis was placed via Darknet.

For this trafficking offence, the criminal court of St-Pierre sentenced him yesterday to 100 days to jail and a fine of 6 euros, his criminal record was so far blank but not anymore.

The judgment was handed down in his absence since the accused has since joined the l’hexagone on a fixed-term contract.

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Written by D Walden

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