Famous Australian Drug Dealer & Former Evolution Market Mod ‘NSWGreat’ Plead Guilty to a Variety of Drug Charges

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Three people charged over a $17 million drug ring run allegedly from Callala through the dark web have pleaded guilty to a number of charges.

In a statement of agreed facts, police said Cody Ronald Ward, 26, of Callala Beach, was the alleged mastermind behind the syndicate which sold a variety of drugs through the dark web on the internet.

He enlisted the help of sisters Shanese Koullias, 24, of Callala Bay and Patricia Koullias, 22, of Quakers Hill who packaged and distributed the drugs.

Police say Ward would import the drugs under a number of pseudonyms, collect the packages from a variety of post offices on the South Coast before having the drugs repackaged and posted at a number of different Australia Post post boxes in the Shoalhaven.

It is reported drugs including cocaine, amphetamine, MDMA and LSD were distributed.

Customers over the web paid using cryptocurrency.

In Nowra Local Court on August 4 Ward pleaded guilty to three counts of importing a commercial quantity of border-controlled drugs, two counts of importing a marketable quantity of border-controlled drugs and a number of supplying prohibited drug charges.

Charges of dealing with the proceeds of crime and knowingly directing a criminal group will also be taken into account during his sentencing.

Shanese Koullias pleaded guilty to three counts of supplying a prohibited drug commercial quantity, dealing with the proceeds of crime and knowingly directing a criminal group.

Other charges of supplying prohibited drugs will also be taken into accounting her sentencing.

Patricia Koullias pleaded guilty to six counts of supplying a prohibited drug and participating in a criminal group.

The matters have been listed for Nowra District Court on August 10.

We have covered this case extensively. You can read more about it by writing ‘NSWGreat’ in the search bar.

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