Chinese Darknet Smuggler Arrested – 900g of Drugs Seized

handcuffs arrested drugs dealer

Police in the city of Xiamen in east China’s Fujian Province said Thursday they had seized two suspects who used the dark web and Bitcoin for transnational drug trafficking.

In late May, police officers found a social media account on the dark web which sold expensive chocolates and candies containing drugs.

After an investigation, police made arrests on June 1, in the provinces of Hunan and Anhui, detaining two suspects and seizing a total of more than 900 grams of marijuana sweets.

According to the police, drug manufacturers extracted marijuana as an additive to make the drug candies and chocolates.

The overseas sellers transported the drugs to China where domestic traffickers would sell them on the dark web and deliver them to buyers via courier.

Police said drug buyers used Bitcoin to pay for the expensive sweets, with a piece of chocolate sold for 1,600 yuan (226 U.S. dollars) and a piece of candy for 380 yuan.

The dark web and Bitcoin are new means of drug trafficking, and the Xiamen police said they would strengthen their investigation into and crackdown against such means of illegal drug trade.

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Written by John Marsh

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