Austrian Man Ends Up in Prison After Ordering Drugs on the Darknet

heroin drugs

After ordering heroin, cocaine and amphetamines worth several thousand euros on the Darknet, a man from Wels is now in jail.

A Welser is accused of having ordered addictive substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin in large quantities via the Darknet and then imported them into Upper Austria.

The 43-year-old was arrested at the request of the Wels public prosecutor’s office. He was housed in the prison in Wels.

During an interrogation, the accused did not confess, informs the State Police Directorate (LPD) Upper Austria in a press release. Extensive investigations by the Wels criminal police led to the arrest of a 43-year-old suspected drug dealer.

The investigators managed to intercept three postal packages. These contained almost 50 grams of methamphetamine, around 300 grams of cocaine and also around 550 grams of heroin.

The police assume that the suspect had already been sent 26 drug packages with similar contents last year. The package sender is said to be a Darknet seller from the Netherlands.

The Aachen police are investigating the seller.

Heroin was also found during the house search. During a subsequent search of the house, officers confiscated another 25 grams of cocaine. In addition, 100 grams of heroin as well as extenders and utensils for the manufacture of the end products. There was also a scrap rifle with various ammunition, despite an existing gun ban.

An evaluation of the IT evidence that was also seized showed that since the beginning of 2020 a sum of money in the six-digit euro range had accumulated on three crypto wallets found by the man.

Further arrests in Lower Austria and Vienna

The police also succeeded in another major blow against drug-related crime in Lower Austria. After nine months of intensive investigations by the drug group Baden, the officers took ten men into custody.

They are accused of having put drugs with street sales values ​​of 300,000 to 440,000 euros into circulation in Lower Austria and Vienna. The men are said to have brought 14 kg of cannabis herb, 2.3 kg of cocaine, 7.5 kg of amphetamine and 1.5 kg of MDMA as well as around 1,000 ecstasy tablets and two kg of ketamine to the man.

In 13 house searches, the officers seized, among other things, 3,223 grams of cannabis herb, 185 grams of cocaine, 2,033 grams of amphetamine and around 58,000 euros in cash. In addition, 746 grams of MDMA, 274 ecstasy tablets, 26 LSD trips, 14 grams of crystal meth, 15 grams of magic mushrooms, 18 grams of ketamine and 40 cannabis plants were seized.

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Written by Kofi Anash

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