in’s Tip Help Local Police Catch Pedophile From Plainville Connecticut

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After an investigation that began in December of 2019, a man who claims to work at a preschool in Bristol was arrested and is facing charges involving child pornography. 

Police say they were given a tip on December 19, 2019, from after an email account shared graphic images of children. Officers were able to track the email account and discover the owner of the account as 32-year-old Michael Gorske.

A search warrant was obtained by police and Gorske was interviewed at his home in January. During the interview, Gorske told police he had images of child pornography on his newer computer and that his yahoo email had stopped working.

Yahoo shuts down accounts after sending cyber tips to officials.

According to the arrest warrant, he also repeatedly said to officers he loves kids. He said he used a special browser to access the dark web to see the images. 

Gorske claimed he was going to Tunxis Community College for early childhood education and volunteered at Imagine Nation, which is a preschool in Bristol.  

He also told police he was “not a pedophile,” that he loved children, and would look at naked children while he masturbated. He insisted he would look not in a “sexual way.” 

Police searched his home and seized Gorske’s computer. Officer searched the lab top to find pictures of child pornography. According to the arrest warrant, they found Gorske was using the dark web to view the graphic images. 

Gorske was arrested by police on July 4 and charged with possession of child pornography in the first degree.

He was released on bond and scheduled to appear in New Britain Court on September 24. 

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