World’s Biggest Shopify Style Fraud Market’s Russian Owner Arrested By F.B.I

handcuffs arrested pleaded guilty

The American authorities detained Russian Kirill Firsov on suspicion of theft of personal data of California residents for further sale with the aim of using false identities. This was stated in court materials posted on the electronic database of the Southern District of California.

California Southern District Attorney Office calls Firsova the administrator of the platform The Russian was detained at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York “on Saturday, March 7, 2020.” The prosecutor’s office asked the court to classify the materials of the case before March 9, but Magistrate Judge Allison Goddard on March 9 decided to declassify these materials.

These materials include written evidence from the FBI agent Brian Nilson. According to him, Firsov “without the permission of the issuer of access to the devices of clients of a certain company, found out the names and passwords of account holders, which were used to receive cash, goods, services and other valuable things”. From the point of view of the FBI agent, the Russian did this, knowing that this personal data will be used by users in the future in order to steal funds and produce false identities.

The FBI claims that the cyber platform is “based in Russia and allows criminals to access this platform’s online store for the sale of criminal goods and services.” According to the FBI, this resource has been operating since October 2013 and has more than 24 thousand virtual retail outlets with a total sales of $17 million. Firsov is accused of being a “Russian hacker and administrator of, not only he managed this platform, but also advertised it on other cyber forums that served hackers. ”

According to the materials, the FBI analyzed an assortment of about 250 virtual retail outlets and concluded that it was mainly about stolen personal and financial information, including years of birth, address of residence, passwords, social security card numbers of US citizens. Affected individuals and organizations in Europe and the United States, including the Southern District of California.

The materials note that on March 4, the FBI, without revealing itself, made a test purchase on of the data of the owners of about 1.1 thousand accounts for $20, nominated in bitcoins. 249 of these accounts were hacked and belonged to customers of the aforementioned company headquartered in San Diego, California. It is a legal operator of interactive video games.

It is important to mention that is working fine and is not seized by F.B.I because they can’t seize russia based business.

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Written by C.F Frost

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