Wisconsin Man Pleads Not Guilty to Credit Card Fraud Charges

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WAUSAU, WI — A Wausau man accused of trying to make purchases with illegally-acquired credit card numbers made a court appearance on Wednesday.

Jason Neidert entered a not guilty plea to more than a dozen charges of credit card fraud and improperly possessing a credit card scanning device.

Police say Neidert would purchase batches of credit card numbers from the dark web, then re-program old magnetic strip cards such as gift cards or hotel keys with the numbers. An employee at a Wausau-area Kwik Trip then observed him attempting to use the cards at the store’s car wash and alerted the company’s fraud team.

Surveillance footage shows Neidert attempting to purchase a car wash with as many as 60 different cards at a time. Nearly all of the cards were immediately declined at the terminal.

Neidert is being held on a $1,000 cash bond. Should he be released he’s ordered to have no contact with any Kwik Trip stories.

Neidert returns to court on February 10th.

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Written by C.F Frost

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