Texas Man Arrested For Supplying Drugs to Local Dealers Purchased Via Darknet

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An Amarillo man faces federal charges after a criminal complaint shows he ordered multiple packages of drugs.

On June 6, Homeland Security, Customs and Border Control at the JFK International Airport in New York received a mail package from the Netherlands. The package was addressed to Robert Henry.

During the processing of the package, a narcotics dog sniffed illegal narcotics in the package. When authorities opened the package, the criminal complaint says there was MDMA inside.

The Homeland Security Investigations Amarillo office conducted a delivery of the package to a home on Kingsbury Drive on June 11.

The complaint says Henry opened the package, removed the drugs and hid them.

Authorities obtained a search warrant, and the complaint says they found cocaine, meth, cannabis oil, MDMA and a 9mm pistol inside the home.

Henry told authorities he had been bulk ordering illegal narcotics through the dark web from the United States and other countries.

He admitted to ordering cocaine, meth, MDMA, and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). He also confessed, according to the criminal complaint, to be a narcotics supplier for local Amarillo area dealers.

On June 12, another suspicious package was intercepted at the Amarillo USPS sorting office that was addressed to Henry.

Police called Henry, and the complaint says he admitted to ordering meth.

On August 3, another package for Henry was delivered to Singleton Collision Service near Camp Lane and Canyon Drive in Amarillo.

When Henry showed up to pick up the package, police arrested him.

He was booked into the Randall County Jail on charges of distribution and possession with intent to distribute cocaine and MDMA.

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Written by G Raymond

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