Spanish Police Arrest Pedophile Babysitter for Hacking Home Cameras

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OFFICERS of the National Police have arrested an alleged pedophile in the Alicante town of Benidorm who had managed to access the domestic surveillance cameras of more than 70 families from different countries of the world and obtained more than 1,000 recordings of naked children, two of them in Spain. The detainee offered himself as a babysitter at home and worked as a private English teacher.

As reported by Andalucia Informacion, the arrested man sexually harassed at least 11 minors who accessed video chats, which he recorded naked and, on occasions, threatened.

The man was very active in hidden Internet networks and had organised a system to sell child pornography in exchange for bitcoins or images of abuse recorded by his clients, as reported by the National Police in a statement.

The investigations began when officers from Task Force Argos, the Queensland State Police, Australia, department specialised in prosecuting this type of crime, found sexual images of what they suspected was a child from the Pacific area, although their analysis suggested that they had been modified and uploaded from Spain. As a result, the National Police began a collaborative process with Australian officers to try to identify and arrest the person responsible.

Tracking the user who had uploaded such content revealed that he was using different names on a variety of hidden pedophile forums. Thanks to the analysis and intelligence work to track the author’s movements and the study of his comments on the dark web, the police officers were able to identify him. It was an individual who had already been arrested when he was a minor for acts of the same nature.

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Written by L Walker

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