Russian Darknet Dealer Arrested in St. Petersburg, Drugs Seized

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In St. Petersburg, three alleged members of a group specializing in the sale of drugs through mail were detained. The police believe that they got in touch with customers through the darknet.

The detainees were two men 30 and 32 years old and a 28-year-old woman. According to preliminary data, the youngest of the men is the organizer of activities and the senior administrator of the online store on the dark web. The second man is a packer and co-owner, the woman worked as administrator of the store.

 “The alleged organizer was previously tried for attempted drug trafficking,” the press service of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg said.

According to law enforcement, the accused sold drugs in the Kirov, Krasnoselsky and Petrodvorets districts of St. Petersburg and in the Gatchina, Lomonosov districts of the Leningrad region.

During the search of the woman, 99 Packets with drugs of diffferent types were found. Stash of prohibited substances were also found in the apartment used as a warehouse.

Experts are examining the contents of 568 packets seized from the apartment. A laptop was also taken from the detainee’s apartment.

The investigation is ongoing. The police is trying to establish the involvement of detainees in other crimes too.

Earlier, a St. Petersburg court sentenced a criminal group that sold various drugs in the city, including to military personnel.

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Written by D Walden

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