Kilo of Speed Ordered from Darknet Lands 2 Austrians in Prison

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Updated August 17th, 2021

Two Salzburg residents, both 27, received conditional imprisonment and fines (not final) for drug offenses.

Two Salzburgers, both 27, were confronted with offenses under the Addictive Substances Act in front of judge Dagmar Schmidt on Wednesday at the regional court.

Prosecutor Elena Haslinger accused the first defendant (defender: Attorney Herbert Fischer) and the second defendant (defense attorney: Attorney Jörg Dostal) of having ordered just under a kilo of amphetamine (speed) from a dealer selling there in July 2020 via the Darknet.

Customs in Cologne became aware of the drug package and switched on the Salzburg police – they then seized the “hot goods” during a house search in the home of the mother of the first defendant. In the case of the second defendant, the police found cannabis plants – the resulting cannabis yield was valued at 2.9 kilos.

According to the prosecutor, the second defendant ran an outdoor plantation in Liefering and then took the harvested plants home with him.

The two men, who were also accused of two minor frauds, only partially confessed. The second defendant asserted, for example, that he had nothing to do with the speed order. And with regard to the cannabis herb it was only a “chance plant find” – most of the cannabis was also moldy.

The judge finally sentenced the first defendant to 15 months of conditional imprisonment and an unconditional fine of 720 euros, the second accused received one year conditional and also a 720 euros fine. Not legally binding.

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Written by L Walker

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