Italian Dark Web Reseller Arrested for Importing MDMA from Holland

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LIMENA – A real sample of drugs found by the Carabinieri of Vigodarzere (military police) in the home of Alberto Tandoi, a 34 years old from Limena, was arrested for the purpose of drug dealing yesterday afternoon, at the end of a search that came after a careful and detailed investigation.

The military coordinated by their commander, knocked on the 34-year-old’s door with a search decree signed by the public prosecutor Luisa Rossi, at the end of a previous investigative activity that began after some elements of information had been collected that indicated the suspect as responsible for drug trafficking destined, for the most part, to be consumed in clubs by those looking for a high.

During the search, the following were found, hidden in various parts of the house, and seized: 200 “stamps” imbued with an MDMA drug.

Each stamp, in turn, is divided into 9 parts, making up a dose, for a total of 1800 doses.

Also found 95 tablets with benzodiazepines as the active ingredient, a wrapper containing 1 gram of cocaine, another wrapper with 9 grams of menthamphetamine, a precision sling bar and material for packaging the doses (plastic bags).

It was found that in order to procure the drug, the suspect accessed some sites in the “Dark Web”, where he completed the orders that were subsequently sent to him by post from Holland. In light of the elements against him, the man was arrested.

Further investigations are underway to identify supply channels and verify other ways of selling the narcotic.

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