German Police Arrest Man Involved in Sale & Purchase of Drugs on Dark Web


A 32-year-old from Friedland is said to have bought and sold amphetamines on the darknet using a cryptocurrency. Officials are now executing an arrest warrant.

A 32-year-old from Friedland is in custody on suspicion of drug trafficking in the so-called Darknet.

The police said that officials from the Neubrandenburg Criminal Police Inspectorate executed an arrest warrant requested by the public prosecutor in Friedland on Wednesday. The suspect was taken to a correctional facility.

According to the information, the Neubrandenburg criminal police have been conducting several investigations for a long time against the Germans from Friedland.

There is a suspicion that the accused acquired narcotics via the darknet, paid for it with a crypto currency and traded with it. Bought drugs worth 10,000 euros.

In the very long investigation, also in cooperation with foreign authorities, it could be shown that the accused acquired over 1,000 grams of amphetamine on platforms in the invisible part of the Internet, as it was said.

Almost 500 grams of it have been confiscated in letters before they reached the 32-year-old. Over 100 grams were also seized on Wednesday in a mail addressed to the accused.

One gram of amphetamine has a street sales value of around ten euros, a police spokeswoman told the Nordkurier on request. She also emphasized that the case was unrelated to a raid in Friedland in the middle of last week, in which amphetamines were also found.

The investigation continues.

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Written by D Walden

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