German Man Gets 5 Months Prison Term for Purchasing Counterfeit Bills from the Dark Web

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A man from Pirna, who was arrested because of the acquisition of counterfeit money, is now also charged with possession of weapons and explosives.

There can be up to five years imprisonment for placing counterfeit money on the market. When that is paired with possession of weapons and explosive devices, it becomes really dangerous. But in this case, some things turn out differently in the end.

A 24-year-old from Pirna is charged with possessing weapons, explosives and acquiring counterfeit money. He ordered the latter on the Darknet. How easy it is to access this is shown when the defendant replied to the judge’s question that he had simply downloaded the access to it. Of the fourteen 50-euro bills that were delivered in two batches, only one actually reached him – the other fell into the hands of customs. According to his own statements, he paid a full 400 euros for the counterfeit money.

After customs found the counterfeits, other objects with criminal potential were discovered in the apartment of the man who is about to become a father. Two brass knuckles and seven illegal fireworks of the type “La Bomba” – sins of youth brand etc were recovered, according to the lawyer.

Ammunition was also found in the defendant’s possession. There is talk of several cartridges, including the Magnum type. The judge read a letter from the State Criminal Police Office (LKA), which examined the ammunition, on this fact. The document states that the cartridges have lost their weapon character due to the fact that some of them come from the Second World War. According to the assessment of the LKA, the cartridges no longer pose a risk of explosion. It is so-called ammunition scrap.

With this assessment the defendant is exonerated at least in this point, which would otherwise have been dealt with under the War Weapons Control Act.

The counterfeit money was never used

The 24-year-old, who after graduating from secondary school went through part-time jobs, unemployment and discontinued training, now wants to achieve a regular family life with a steady job and income, he says. This prospect and the fact that he presented himself reasonably in the court, showed remorse and confessed to his offenses, lead the judge to a milder sentence than is usual in such a case.

Taking into account the circumstances, especially those of a financial nature, the judge will refrain from imposing a fine. The fact that the counterfeit money, which usually brings you at least a year in prison, never came into circulation, mitigates the sentence. Ultimately, the man from Pirna is sentenced to five months’ imprisonment, with a two-year probation period.

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Written by C.F Frost

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