German Darknet Reseller From Munich Denies Selling Cocaine – Blames Girlfriend For Everything

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He is said to have bought large quantities of cocaine and ecstasy tablets on the Darknet and had them delivered to his father’s address by a parcel service twice.

But that is by no means the only reproach that the public prosecutor makes to 29-year-old Cem H. (name changed). In the fall of 2017, the previously convicted retail salesman in Munich and the surrounding area is said to have started a lively drug trade of marijuana. To make matters worse, according to the indictment, his main customer was only 17 at the time.

The defendant disputed all the allegations in court

In addition, he is said to have brought accomplices to rob a buyer who had paid for his drugs with counterfeit money and to squeeze him out of money and valuables.

The heavy robbery went wrong, and the buyer managed to escape by using pepper spray.

While the public prosecutor’s office believes that Cem H. was already in hiding in December 2017 and stayed in different hotels in Munich and the surrounding area, the accused stated in court on Tuesday that he and his girlfriend had traveled to Romania.

He also disputes the indictment on other points. The cocaine had been ordered from the darknet by his Romanian girlfriend, not him. When it came to drug deals, he only brought buyers and sellers into contact, but he didn’t deal himself. And he knew nothing about the robber story, but only learned about it afterwards.

The case continues.

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