French Police Arrest Man after Intercepting Package Ordered on the Dark Web

handcuffs arrested pleaded guilty

This Wednesday, September 8, the Vaucluse gendarmerie (paramilitary police) announced that they had seized 100 crystals of MDMA, a hard drug that an inhabitant of Lagnes had ordered on the dark web.

The Apt tracing brigade intercepted a package containing drugs, the gendarmerie announced this on its facebook page on Wednesday, September 8.

It contained 100 crystals of MDMA, a so-called “hard” drug that was allegedly bought on the Dark Net.

Other drugs also seized during the house search. The investigation made it possible to trace it back to an inhabitant of Lagnes (Vaucluse).

During the search of the suspect’s home, investigators found other drugs: resin, cannabis herb and oil, MDMA crystals, LSD blotters and methadone in small quantities.

A letter containing methadone ready for shipment was also found.

The person arrested have explained he sold drugs to his friends according to the gendarmerie of Vaucluse.

He will be summoned to the Avignon Criminal Court to explain himself in February 2022.

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