French Man Arrested for Using Counterfeit 50 Euro Notes Purchased from the Darknet

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A Bordeaux computer scientist bought 300 euros worth of goods using counterfeit denominations. He was arrested red handed and is summoned to court.

He thought he could eat away at a supermarket in Talence for a long time to come by paying at the checkout with false denominations of 50 euros.

The scam of this Bordeaux computer scientist ended this week at the central police station, in the premises of the economic and financial affairs brigade of the Sûreté.

Questioned by the police, the man explained himself at length before being summoned to court for a preliminary conviction hearing (CRPC) to answer for the circulation of counterfeit or falsified legal tender.

Arrested for the first time in April 2019, in the same store, for identical facts, he was convicted. But that didn’t stop the computer scientist from attempting to defraud the brand again last September and October.

The sixth payment will have been the overpayment. At the cash desk, an employee detected the false cut and the dishonest customer was apprehended by the security service and handed over to the police called to the scene.

Faced with investigators, the computer scientist explained that he acquired the counterfeit 50 euro bills on the Darknet.

The cuts, very well imitated, apparently come from Italy and Germany according to the first investigations of the financial police officers who also discovered amphetamine pills at the home of the accused.

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Written by C.F Frost

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