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French Dark Web Reseller Gets 2 Years Prison Sentence for Selling Drugs

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A young man who ordered ecstasy, LSD or ketamine on the dark web to resell the products during in the region was sentenced by the court to two years in prison.

Argentan, FR — A 24-year-old drug trafficker living in Flers (Orne) was sentenced Tuesday (December 15th) to twelve months in prison with probationary suspension of two years by the Argentan court.

He was tried for the acquisition, importation, possession, transport, supply and use of narcotics.

The young man bought them on the dark web with bitcoins to resell them in various parties in the region.

He explained that he found this modus operandi after seeing a report on the subject. According to him, this traffic allowed him to earn between 300 and 400 € per month.

It was from a discovery by the customs officers of Roissy (Val-d’Oise) last February that its traffic was brought to light. LSD, ketamine and ecstasy Officials had intercepted an envelope addressed to him containing 100 ecstasy pills.

Following the searches, investigators got hold of € 4,000 worth of narcotics stored in a converted truck. They included LSD, ketamine and ecstasy.

The prosecutor’s requisitions were only partially complied with. In particular, the prosecutor’s office requested a customs fine of €15,000. In addition to his suspended prison sentence, the young man will eventually have to pay €5,000. The court confirmed the obligation to receive medical care and to work.

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Written by Kofi Anash

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