Dutch Brothers Get more than 11 Years Prison Sentence for Selling Drugs on the Dark Web

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BREDA / TILBURG – A 25-year-old Tilburger is sentenced to seven years and ten months in prison for drug trafficking.

His two-year younger brother must spend three years and four months behind bars. The court in Breda determined that on Thursday afternoon.

The Public Prosecution Service had asked for sentences of six and three years at the end of September, but the court finds that not heavy enough.

The brothers, together with another friend who later died in an accident, sold large quantities of drugs via the dark web.

The range consisted of different types of drugs: ecstasy, amphetamine, cocaine, heroin and LSD.

The trade on the dark web and the fact that they were paid in bitcoins testify to the “sophisticated way in which the suspects tried to stay out of the picture of law,” the court writes.

The two brothers placed their illegal stock with ‘Bankrupt persons’, who made their homes available due to their own financial problems.

The court blames the brothers for “taking advantage of vulnerable people”.

The fact that “unsuspecting postal companies” were “abused” to ship the drugs is also a “punitive” argument in court.

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Written by Kofi Anash

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