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Austrian Teen Ordered Thousands of Ecstasy Pills from the Dark Web

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Updated May 27th, 2019

A teenage drug dealer in Austria bought thousands of ecstasy pills, amphetamine, LSD, and other drugs from dealers on the dark web, authorities discovered in late March.

According to a press release from the Federal Police in Upper Austria, the arrest of a 16-year-old for trespassing in Braunau led to the discovery that a different local teenager had been running a relatively large drug distribution operation from his parents’ home in the same town. Police, in the early evening of March 29, found a teenager on the bridge of a railway and stopped to question her. During the stop, the 16-year-old revealed information that directly incriminated her supplier.

The teenager on the bridge, according to the police, had an insignificant—yet still illegal—number of ecstasy pills in her possession. Faced with the possibility of a criminal conviction and jail time, the 16-year-old answered questions for investigators. She told the police who had sold her the ecstasy the police had found in her pockets. Although the police had not known about the alleged drug dealer prior to the information the teenager had provided, they easily located him within hours of questioning the original suspect.

According to the press release, the police found the suspect on the road, riding a bike that someone had recently reported stolen. Police stopped him and seized the bicycle. The suspected drug dealer, another 16-year-old, had 22 ecstasy pills in his pockets and a small amount of what police later identified as MDMA in powder or crystal form. After detaining the suspected drug dealer and seizing the bike, the police located the home where the teenager had been staying. They searched his room in the house and found an assortment of illegal substances rarely discovered during the raid of a teenager’s bedroom.

The police found 932 ecstasy pills with the same markings, 132 ecstasy pills with different markings than the first batch of pills, more than 20 grams of MDMA, and an undisclosed number of psychedelic mushrooms. The mushrooms, according to the police, were intended for the 16-year-old’s personal consumption. After investigating the teenager’s electronic devices, investigators confirmed that the suspected drug dealer had purchased at least 1,800 different types of pills on the dark web. The majority of pills were pressed ecstasy tablets. Some of the pills contain codeine or a different opioid. The teenager had also purchased at least 250 grams of hashish, 75 grams of amphetamine, several “units” of cocaine, vials of morphine, strips of LSD tabs, and small quantities of psychedelic mushrooms. The suspected drug dealer had allegedly provided evidence in support of his personal use of the mushrooms; he wanted the authorities to know that, at the very least, he had not planned on selling one of the drugs out of the assortment the police had discovered.

During the interrogation of the 16-year-old suspected drug dealer, Austrian authorities learned that he had “knowingly purchased illegal substances from abroad” to import into Austria. He used dark web marketplaces to facilitate the drug importation. According to the police, the teenager had been buying the drugs to sell to other teenagers throughout Upper Austria, such as the 16-year-old they had arrested the same day. The suspected drug dealer is being held on charges connected with the distribution of an assortment of mixed substances and for possession of the stolen bicycle. The first teenager was charged for possession of a controlled substance in connection with the single ecstasy pill found in her possession.

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Written by John Marsh

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