A 26-Year-Old Woman Charged for Trying to Buy Bitcoin in Order to Purchase Drugs on the Dark Web

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Updated May 27th, 2019

Meganne Dallas Money, a 26-year-old woman, is currently facing court charges in Harris County, Texas, after authorities accused her of attempting to buy $200k worth of bitcoin with the intent to use the bitcoin to purchase alprazolam on the dark web.

The young woman, who was armed at the time of her arrest, met a cooperating defendant at a fast food restaurant in southwest Huston with the $20k in cash in December last year. The police stepped in as soon as she got into the defendant’s vehicle.

According to her court records, Money agreed to cooperate with the investigators after she was detained and interviewed. She told the court that she had received the $20k in cash from a man named Adam, who asked her to meet him at the fast food restaurant to exchange the cash for bitcoin.

Money had been communicating with Adam through an encrypted app called Signal, text messages, and Facebook messages so as to coordinate the exchanges. According to her statement, the operation was being run by a different person named Beezy.

Money also admitted to the court that it wasn’t the first time she had exchanged fiat money for bitcoin. She had received $1,000 for each exchange on two prior occasions and was expecting to make $4,000 for the $20,000 bitcoin purchase.

According to the court documents, Money told the authorities that she knew the bitcoin would be used to buy alprazolam, a schedule IV narcotic best known as Xanax, via the dark web.

Money was released on a $15,000 bond, and her hearing is set for the 19th of June this year.

Drugs, Bitcoin and the Dark Web

In April last year, a woman was nabbed by Australian authorities for buying drugs using bitcoin on the dark web. The 32 year old woman (only 6 years older than Money) was arrested and charged after her shipments were seized by the border authorities. She appeared in court and was charged with 15 counts of illegal drug importation and trafficking charges.

Apparently, the Brisbane based woman purchased the illegal drugs from the United Kingdom using bitcoin. According to the Australian authorities, the woman used cryptocurrency to pay, order and coordinate shipments of different kinds of illegal narcotics via an unknown dark web portal.

Her illegal deals were first discovered when the Australian authorities discovered a small amount of MDMA (Ecstacy) in a parcel addressed to her home, followed by another package containing fentanyl. Investigations began and soon other drugs, including Oxycodone and Dimethylthyltrytamine (DMT), were seized from her apartment.

In another, similar case, a 24 year old man from Bad Herzfeld was convicted and sentenced after being found in possession of a huge amount of narcotics, which he admitted to have acquired through the darknet.

The young man confessed to the court that he had bought and also consumed several grams of marijuana, heroin, and morphine, all of which he had purchased on the dark web via several transactions that were carried out throughout the past year.

He, however, tried to defend himself in court saying that he was depressed and had also been diagnosed with a post-traumatic stress disorder known as Schizophrenia. He said he took the drugs to help him deal with his mental condition. He couldn’t get the drugs with his doctor’s prescription, and because he did not want to get into trouble with the authorities, he ended up using the dark web.

The young man obviously had a disturbing childhood experience, and despite the fact that he admitted that he knew it was illegal to deal drugs, he just couldn’t help it.  Judge Silvia Reidit was, however, not convinced. She argued that the young addict was a negative impact to society. She advised the court to imprison him without parole.

Sellers in the Mix, Too

In yet another case, Ashley Miller, a 23 year old man from Yorkshire, was imprisoned for selling class A drugs over the dark web. Surprisingly, Miller comes from a family with a considerable number of police and prison officers. What’s even more surprising is that he claimed to have bought drugs via the dark web out of greed.

During his last trial, Millar’s mother expressed her disappointment, saying that she was ashamed of her son’s offences.

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Written by John Marsh

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